Tuesday, February 14, 2017

SUNY Central policies re promotion

Specifically for c1998. Good question, hard to answer. I have scattered UUP member docs in archives, Jennifer Smathers found these when she was trying to help a patron, but I also have Faculty Handbooks, which aren't for '98, but there is a '92, and online I found a '01, none of which seemed to vary much. Scanned relevant pages from the '92, emailed, noted that part of the problem is that there isn't actually a SUNY archives, for the system as a whole.

   Never has been, the materials that exist languished for years in various places, including a warehouse in the Albany area. Ken O'Brien and Bruce Leslie of our history department have pushed for years to get an archives set up for the system, and they think that there may be someone appointed in the near future. This would be wonderful, it is so unfortunate that the system has lacked in this area all these years.

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