Friday, February 24, 2017

Ambrose Corcoran

He was in in the old Art & Industrial Art program 1945-81. Got a call from someone who said they have an art piece of his, and wanted to know a little more about him. Very interesting, will call back today, want to ask if I could get a digital image of the art piece. Found I did not have a folder on Corcoran, so am making one up now.
Update: Brad Schrieber, Advancement, emailed me re the Daily Eagle piece I ran on this Corcoran story. C's daughter Penny has maintained some contact with the college, and he was asking about putting her in touch with the fellow who has the pastel artwork.
Latest Update: the fellow in NJ sent me some pics of the reframed piece, said is interested in talking to us about the college having it, and is happy to talk to someone from Advancement and Corcoran's daughter, so am connecting them all, see what happens.

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