Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Dorm & building names

Shared the pic of Janette Reynolds, first librarian with Dave Tyler, who posted on Facebook. That got a response from someone who said they had lived in "Reynolds Hall" in the '60s. Dave asked if I knew of that hall, and at first I was thinking it was some sort of mistake, but then found an article in the Stylus about it! The question has prompted me to revisit the issue, something that has nagged at me a few times, the issue of dorm and building names. It seemed like some names had "moved," some were dropped etc., but was never too clear about the details.

So am digging a little now, one thing I found was that they named buildings almost literally by halls, so Morgan at one time in the '50s had four names for the four "halls." One of those was Thompson, which was "moved" as it were to be the name of another building. The quad dorms of today, MacVicar etc., were once not only MacVicar, but Chriswell and Reynolds. Confusing, and a shame too, to name things, then lose those names. Reynolds should have had Drake named after her!

Update: am looking into this more, the plaque for Edwards hall came to the archives, a big bronze item, gift of Class of 1958. The original set of dorm "halls" were Edwards, Perry, Neff and Morgan, I think, I need to research to be more clear. I have 1950s photos labeled Edwards, it looks like in the section that was demolished in '90s when they extended the mall into the back of Hartwell.

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