Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1993 Football Media Guide

Alumni Affairs is organizing a reunion of alum from that team, needed this media guide done then; was in the athletics files, lent to them for the project.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Brown's signature

For a fundraising letter to emeriti a scan of a signature of President Al Brown was wanted; had to dig a little, since while we have many letters of his, they are mostly copies kept here, and not signed! Did find one and scanned it.

Fannie Barrier biography

Wanda Hendricks, author of 1st Fannie Barrier bio, needing some help with copy editing info; the copy editor for her book has questions about publisher etc. for some of the archival materials she used here a few years ago. Will have to look thru and see what I can find.

History of Computer Science, Academic Computing

Materials wanted for an alumni picnic this fall; photos, newsletters etc. Replied to requestor, will start looking for some things.

Monday, July 22, 2013

First day of classes in 1835

A couple questions from a staff person re when the school first opened. I emailed them back that:

I can tell you now that I have no idea; the school did open in 1835, as a private academy, but there is virtually no documentation from that time, no catalogs, records etc. All there is really is a mention or two in the local paper, references later by other people, that sort of thing. That initial school had a pretty sporadic existence, and was probably closed more than it was open.
   In late 1841 some Brockport people got together and revived the school under a new name, that of the Brockport Collegiate Institute. From that point forward to the present there is an unbroken record, with extensive documentation, the catalogs, minutes of trustee's meetings and so on.
   What are you working on?  Maybe I can come up with something else.
   They seem to be set for now.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Jerome Dixon '89

An advancemet staffer is working with this alum, and wanted a high res scan of the cover of the Fall 1989 K'scope, on which the alum was featured. Scanned and sent same.

Monday, July 15, 2013

White Farm

Chris Hunt who is owner of White Farm B&B in Sweden and descendant of Hunt family is seeking historic house status for the farm and asked for some information. Clarified some references she had, scanned some pages from a few local history things to send her, and suggested some other resources.

Possible donor prep

In preparation for lunch with a possible donor/support of the archives this week have continued working on list of possible projects, needs etc. for the archives that could be of interest.

Tom Markusen

Query re this art dept. professor. Found image in portrait files, scanned, scanned also some other articles from Stylus etc. Were in RG26 folder already, but from mic scans, poor quality. merged in Acrobat pro, sent to inquirer.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Grateful Dead

Someone is writing an encyclopedia of all the places the GD played, one of which was Brockport, Tuttle North, 11/1981. I scanned a copy of the Stylus article and found a pic of Tuttle from the '70s and scanned it for them. It's harder to find pics of some buildings, for Hartwell there are scores and scores of photos, other buildings only a few scattered shots!