Thursday, February 26, 2015

Is Stylus online for 1980s?

From grad of early '80s who worked on the Stylus. Checked the site, then called him back, saying that while I had submitted the microfilm and it was digitized to be added to, the material has not yet actually been put in, but hopefully soon.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kaleidoscope online

They are moving to have a version of K'scope online, updated much more often, and am working with John McMahon on supplying images etc.

1950s photo id project

Ongoing project, with Jeanette Banker D'Agostino, campus school and education dept. emeriti. I am sending her small groups, 6 or 8, images from the campus photographer shots of the '50s and early '60s which I cannot easily ID, and she is identifying many of them for me. Many of the ones identified I am placing in Portfolio. The photos are mostly ca1955-1960, and capture many long time, key faculty and staff in their prime.

Her assistance is invaluable, as I could not possibly ID many of the people or even some of the events and settings. People who were here then, are still around, of good memory and willing to do this are few, and their numbers dwindle with each year.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Costich video

Will be screening this 1930s digitized film at next Monday's Brockport Community Museum board meeting. Ian Hauck who did internship on this last fall may come too, and he and I need to meet re the Scholars Day presentation of this.

Spring In

Alumni Affairs contacted me recently, planning a '70s alum reunion, want Spring In to serve as a theme element. (Spring In was an annual event - bands, Genny beer trucks etc., on the mall, ran about 1969-80.) Located, scanned, and sent them materials from Stylus, Saga, and photos in archives.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hartwell Carillion or Chimes

Inquiry re the carillion in Hartwell. I replied as follows for now:

"The original chimes were installed in 1955, as a memorial to WWII and Korean War vets. They were a mechanical chime that by the 1980s had begun to fail. In 1988 a new cassette tape drive system was installed, dedicated to Ron Watts, college emeriti. I believe that system has since been replaced as well, and am inquiring as to what is currently there. I’ll send you some scans of articles and so on soon."

Followup - did send a merged file of articles etc.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Florence Cooman 1918

Email from grandchild of this grad, they had an Agonian ring of theirs and were curious to know more. Replied back with a class photo, some history etc.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Don Greene '63

He and a Helmut Eichorn were apparently in a Marine ROTC program during their time here, and at their commencement Professor Ed Stephany, an officer in the Marine reserves, pinned their lieutenants bars on. He asked if there were any photos, and I had to answer that I didn't recall ever seeing any, nor did I find any just now. I did send him a campus profiles piece on Stephany from 1955 Stylus.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Portraits and Campus Inventory

Met with Mike Andriatch, advancement, and Julie Pruss, president's assistant, this am re the restoration of the presidential portraits. This led into discussion of what portraits, plaques etc. commemorating various individuals and groups are there on campus. There is apparently no actual inventory. I volunteered to work with the student who wants to do a summer internship, Benjamin Cherry, and have him assemble an inventory, photographing, documenting, mapping all such campus pieces. This would form the basis for advancement to coordinate such efforts and make them more successful.

Update: In response to a query I sent out on SUNYLA archives list Amy Vilz, UB archivist, who worked on the campus art project at RIT, has given me some useful tips, links.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

More interns

Greg Hughes wants to do part of his 3 credit internship this summer, and another student, Benjamin, just approached me about doing one this summer.

Constance Smith

By coincidence another query about a professor from someone who was a student here in the late '60s, early '70s. This one was about a woman who was one of the original members of the African and Afro-American Studies program, which was formed in 1970. She was Constance Smith, who seems to have only been here for  2 or 3 years. Good item to remember for the upcoming BSLF/OSAD reunion this summer.

Found some info about her in a 1972 staff directory, and possibly a photo in the 1970 catalog, which I scanned and asked the patron if they might be able to identify her.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

UU World

A writer from UU World, the Unitarian journal, contacted me about Fannie Barrier Williams. I have sent her an image and some basic information, noting Fannie's long time involvement in the UU denomination.

Biology dept movies

Heard something from Joe Makarewicz about some old movies done in the '60s for the biology department, for Charles Thomas and John Syrocki. Am getting back to him to see about acquiring them for the archives.

Greg Hughes

Another Public History student who will be doing a 3 credit internship, this makes two this semester with Shane. I will have Greg work on some research projects for me, have shared some possible topics with him.


Email from secretary, would I like some old 1980s issues of Avenues, a foreign language dept. title then, said sure...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Costich video

I set Dave Tyler up with access to the archives filecity2, and he had a student edit out a 3 minute video from the Costich film. He then wanted to know what the different segments were, so spent some time watching it and identifying the segments, which was a little tricky, since they'd cut and pasted in a random way. Fun stuff, he is going to post on the college Youtube channel.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

President Brown's inauguration

Query re when was Brown's inauguration. After a little digging in his files, turns out he started 10/15/1965 (Gordon Allen had been acting president,) and his inauguration was the following spring, 5/19/1966.

Frederick Douglass

Was contacted by a grad student writing thesis on Douglass about possible Brockport connections, shared some information re his friendship with Anthony & Fannie Barrier...

Spring Intern

Shane Swann is doing a 3 credit internship. He wants to be either an archivist or librarian, is in Public History program. Have him starting by working on better organizing and adding detail to the collection of 19th century student photos we have.

BSLF _ OSAD reunion

There is some sort of reunion of the above coming this summer. A Linda Simmons contacted me recently, asking if I could prepare some display materials for the event. Am working on it with her, and could be great opportunity to obtain scans of some photos from the early days of BSLF etc., which I do not have currently in our holdings.

Judith Hamilton

Was English instructor ca1967-69. Was contacted by alum of that era, trying to recall their writing instructor. Scanned and sent page from '69 Saga showing English staff, she recognized "J. Hamilton," I then found more detail on name etc in '69 catalog, passed on to inquirer.