Tuesday, December 17, 2013

John Franco '51 alumni heritage hall?

Query as to when he was named; am looking thru the old Alum news etc.

Kim Scott, design & production

Looking for images to use in postcard mailings to member of 4 different classes. Showed her some of what I have, discussed, I will pick out some and email to her.

Karen Duff, intern

Works at Seymour Library, is in MLS at UB, met with her today about doing a scanning internship in Jan. She will do approx. 20 hours, on both the book & flatbed scanners. Mainly will do some scanning of yearbook I think, but I said I would show her how you scan slides, negatives...

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

College doctors & health service

Part of the stimulating interaction between the Brockport Community Museum and the archives is some research some of the members are doing on health services in Brockport, including those of the college. An oral history interview was done with a woman who was a nurse here and more is forthcoming. I am keeping an eye out for material and have begun assembling information on Dr. Sansocie and others.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Caroline Parker Mountpleasant

Interesting query from an emeriti researching this woman, a Seneca from Tonawanda and sister of Ely Parker, Civil War general. She was thought to have attended Brockport, but didn't see her in the name list, will check some other things. One article on her online said she had gone to the Cayuga Academy. Have made some suggestions, will continue to pursue.


Student who has been researching history of the model European Community here (currently Eurosim,) came by to share a digital file of an interview with Jurek from PoliSci, and also to scan some photos of the club. Needed some instruction on the scanner.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Local history display case

Talked to Mary Jo and got approval to place a display case from the Brockport Community Museum in the library. Will be helping to move it this afternoon.

More interns

Been busy meeting with and overseeing the work of three interns from Leslie's Public History class still. They seem to be getting something out of it, and some good stuff for the archives. One particularly interesting discovery was the one student finding the archives for BSG that I had not known that they had over there; minutes of meetings from late '70s to date and a lot more. The students are putting together lists, finding guides etc.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Andrew Virgilio

His 90th birthday is coming up, Jeanette Banker wanted some info to put together something for it. Scanned some docs from bio files, Saga, Stylus, merged and sent to her.