Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Irene D'Agostino

Widow of Coach D'Agostino, she is class of 1950. Has come to some of the Friends events, and invited me to visit and to give me some old yearbooks etc. Great visit, very informative. Among other things she gave me an original sheet on the camp in Ontario that students went to in the late '40s before Totem, a rooming contract with a house in town, lot's of good material. She is helping me date the color slide recruiting show too. I am hoping to meet her and some of her friends, also BSTC grads sometime this fall.

Fancher - Summer Arts

Wonderful recent donation - photos from Susan Malony (Kwas) '67. They are contact prints, photos of the construction of the stage at Fancher in the summer of 1965. I don't have anything like these, a most welcome addition! She is donating the photos, I'll scan and email her scans, and send thank you letter.

Update: this has led into an extended project, scanning the photos she sent, sending to her, communicating with her, lots of good info etc. Great possibility for a student project, to research history of theater groups and the Delta Psi Omega that was here for many years.

Joan Schockow

Long time women's soccer coach, is retiring, wants to come over, look for photos for use in a slideshow etc. Am meeting her Th.

Update: she came by, we looked through photos for a while, and she picked out a number for me to scan for her, which I have done, emailing her the scans.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hartwell sign

Saw Beau Willis in cafe, he asked about the Hartwell historical sign. I think that is one the BCM did, and was talking about rehabbing. Am asking Norm. Beau and I talked a little also about the mall rehab, which from the power point he sent me should be very attractive, and it explicitly mentions "celebration of identity."

Stylus online!

It has been a long time, the mic for 1928-2014 was digitized last fall, but still not up at nyshistoricnewspapers.org. I asked Laura at RRLC this past June about it, she said the people doing this had been busy etc. Since now still not up, contacted her again, and she says that due to various delays it has taken this long, but, once they get new server up, it will be added and should be accessible in October.

When it is, do: Daily Eagle post, alert Stylus, change web page etc.

Presidential medallion

The medallion used in presidential inaugurations, who made it? From Julie Pruss in president's office. I think it's in Brown inaugural files, will have to look thru them.

Update: from the minutes of the May 4, 1966 meeting of the inaugural committee it was noted that "Mr. (Mirko) Pylyshenko has made the medallion... and is working now on the Great Seal."

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

John H. Kent

Interesting tip from Bill Andrews. He stopped by and asked what I knew about John Kent, and all I remembered was that he was a local photographer in 19th century, some of our carte de visite are by him. Apparently he was a much bigger deal than I'd realized, having a substantial photography career, and helping Eastman start Kodak! 

   Bill suggested I contact Eastman House, I did, and they replied that they do have maybe 200 hundred of his photos, including many Brockport people. Have made an appointment for in October to go see what they have. Need to assemble list of his photos I already have, bring camera etc.

Scott Bowerman '90

Played football here 1986-90, contacted athletics, they contacted me, and I responded telling them, and him, that I would look for photos, Stylus articles of when he played here.

Update: found a team shot, individual shot, and a Stylus article. He says thanks, and wonders if are any game shots. This is the challenge in those photo files: some sports events were done by Jim Dusen, and if I troll thru the semester notebook in question I might find them, but he didn't do all games. For a number of years a lot of games have been covered by free lancers, and I don't necessarily have their photos.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Drop in - Empire State

Drop in visitor, doing grad studies in Empire State in public history and archives - talked for a bit, invited him to email me, set up an appt, so we could go over things in more detail, he may want to do an internship.

Update: he has an MA from Brockport in creative writing, is taking grad classes at Empire State, thinking of getting into archives work. Have met with him twice now, each time for an hour or so, going over questions he has about archival organization and practice etc.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Rhett King '77

Star soccer goalie of mid-70s, his record recently broken, Athletics wanted some pics of him, found a couple, scanned and emailed to Kevin Stiner.

Gods/goddesses portrayed on stained glass windows

Good question this, and still not sure of all the answer. Some clearly represent a particular god or muse, e.g. Athena for Wisdom. I think others are more generic, but am pursuing as have time.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Village museum

Someone from village museum contacted me re Fannie Barrier, replied with some bio info and an image of her.

Dance photos

Mark S. emailed with the following, I am going to meet with him Th for a treasure hunt in Jim's negatives. The challenge in part as I told Mark is that Jim was an awesome photographer but not very good about detail on his captions and notes!

My name is Mark Scarborough and we talked during the summer about my getting some copies of photos from the Dance Department photos that you have.
I would like to see if you have Photos from The Brockport Resident Dance Company,  "Field of Light". "The Triptych", "Saga"
From the Dance Department any photos from the student spring and fall shows from 1980 to 1988, facility concerts from the same time frame.  I guess I would like to look at everything you have that is from 80 to 88.
I have a few photos from the Dance Dept. archives that I will bring with me.  Would I be able to come look at what you have this Wed or Thurs?  What times are best for you?  Where are you located on campus?

Friday, September 11, 2015

History higher ed

Student at UB's history of higher ed program stopped in yesterday, David, is interested in researching two areas, frosh hazing and women's rules in dorms. Showed some materials, talked about his research, he was here for a couple hours, will be back.

Brockport beats Army!

They're having a reunion of the 1955 soccer team that beat Army, and won the national championship this fall. Am preparing some materials for them - if filecity2 will cooperate - the lag issues on there are annoying...

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Day of Giving

Bill Sachman, in alumni relations, emailed asking for some pics to use in ads for giving campaign as I did last year. Have sent him an assortment of images.