Monday, August 31, 2015

Presidential inaugurations

Julie Pruss, President's office,  looking for info re past inaugurations, themes, activities etc. Will assemble a packet of info and send to her.

19th c. black families

Interesting thread via Bill Andrews, someone suggesting that another black student was here same time as Fannie, her cousin, an Eva White? I did eventually see an Eva B. White registered for Sept. 1872, after Fannie. Eva is supposed to be a daughter of a sister of Fannie's mother Harriet who lived with them. There is a mention in Hendrick's book about a couple of relatives of Harriet's living with them, not much more. There seems to be some connection to the Page family as well.

Very good subject for a student intern, to research the black families of 19th century Brockport.

Local/Civil War history, archives

Am going to be meeting an Albion school student group 10/1to talk about archives, local history, Civil War...

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Lennon - Daily Eagle posts

This is neat, I posted in Daily Eagle today about Prof. Lennon's old house being for sale, some bio on him etc., and Mark Noll from Earth Science emailed saying he was intrigued by Lennon's story, and wanted more info, that perhaps they could start commemorating him on his birthday or something along those lines.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Photo scanning guidelines

Kim Myers brought a prof around from Plattsburgh recently, curious about the book scanner etc. I talked to her a bit, and she has emailed me with some questions re scanning photo practices, dpi etc. Will share some basic suggestions with her, from my exp won thru trial and error!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

2 photo requests

Two separate requests, one re a Dr Matters commemorated in a room in Alumni House, the other for a headshot of a football player from '83.

Special Olympics athlete

Got a query recently from someone whose husband was an athlete in the SO here in '79. He was from NY, and she was looking for photos. Somewhat to my surprise, I discovered that while we have files of photos for some various states and countries, we don't have one for NY. Recommended she contact the NY Special Olympics folks, gave her contact info.

"Gust's milk delivery"

Had a query re a photo of a local milkman labeled as above, ca1900, couldn't ID it. Then was told that the man was Gus Carges, so the label must have been "Gus'...." Then was able to find several articles in Brockport Republic and sent to Sarah Cedeno, new village historian.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Brandon Mills #42

Basketball player 2000-04, being inducted hall of fame, needed to look thru Jim D. photos to find some of Brandon. Found & emailed to his wife and Kevin Stiner.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Campus School Yearbooks

Fran Whited had asked me if I had some yearbooks for the campus school some time ago, thinking they had been given to us, but I had no recollection or record of such, hadn't known any were ever done. Then she found them at her home, and has shared them with me to scan; the originals need to go back to Mary Manitisas, the owner.

Significant acquisition, they are for '66, '67, and '68. Vivid capture of the active life in the campus school in its new home in Cooper. Will be adding to Digital Commons, post link in the Brockport Remembers on Facebook etc.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Writers Forum - Philosophical Exchange

Kim was in here asking me about these, especially WF, digitizing filmed interviews, posting in Digital Commons, what do we have for permission records... Both these programs are quite significant in their respective fields, and are coming up on 50th anniversaries.

I spent some time discussing with Kim, and showing her, some of what I have, processed and unprocessed. Many options and possibilities, it is finding the time to do it, these sorts of things are tremendously time consuming.

Plaque Inventory

Ben finished his summer internship on the plaque inventory. Great job, documented over 100 memorial or commemorative plaques on campus. Gian Cervone said he will have a student this fall working on the campus interactive map, for me to send him the spreadsheet with plaques and locations, they will add to the map as they can. Plus tie in here with fall projects, faculty bio, scholarship bio projects am working with Mike Andriatch on etc.

Rush job - campus school year books

Fran Whited called, had found out about several campus school yearbooks from the '60s, needs to return to owner, but wanted to let me borrow them to scan for archives, later print for village museum... Very busy with the upcoming photo history event for Friends group, but Fran is a good friend to us, and a rare opportunity to add to the collection so will do it asap.

FODL event

Been very busy with prepping for next week's FODL event - scanning images, putting together several slideshows, one to serve as a presentation, researching history of photography here...