Friday, January 29, 2016

Museum studies interns

Getting some museum studies students wanting to do a 10 hour service thing in the archives. One, Louis, has been here twice now. I spend an hour with each of them just going over what an archives is, how its organized etc. Then I find projects for them to do that will work within their timeframe. So Louis for example is organizing some photos for me, sorting them into alphabetical order, one of those things I never seem to get to.

Tara - Stylus - Boozer

Tara, who did an internship from Bruce Leslie's class last semester, came by, working on a story for the Stylus about Boozer and the restart of football in the 1940s. I scanned some pics for her, gave her some info, and also shared about the Stylus being online in NYS Historic Newspapers.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dance dept founding, major...

Grad student working on dance dept newsletter, wanting to know when was dept established, when was first degree awarded... I could tell from catalogs that the department was established 1967-68, when the school was dividing into all the now current departments, from being bigger blocs in the teachers college day. That's when major was established too. Hard to say about degrees, the commencement programs just show "BA" etc., not by department. Have to look some more.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Stylus photos

The previous question about the '71 Chicago concert prompts me to post this, regarding the Stylus photos, or lack thereof. Basically there is no real archive of Stylus photos. Whatever photos were shot were kept by the student taking them and may still be with them, but more likely they are simply long gone. I had contact for example with the student who shot a photo spread on Fancher for an early '70s Stylus article, and he said he had had the originals at one time, but long since had lost them.

Chicago concert

'70s alum inquiring about photos of the Chicago concert here, he still had his ticket from January '71. Best I had was an article in Stylus, and turned out there were a few shots in the '71 yearbook.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

More new hires

Sandy Mosher, in HR, was also looking for some material related to the college history for a program for new hires. I put together a set of 25 multiple answer questions re the school's history, and sent some photos too. For example:

Why was the college once called a “Normal” school?

A: We had been a state mental institution, but changed focus to teacher training.

B: The name refers to a particular type of teacher training institute, it granted a license to teach, but not a bachelors degree.

C: It was to distinguish us from our abnormal rivals at Geneseo.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Adams Basin history

Query from a "friend" on my "brockport.archivist" Face Book account. Am going to send a scan of 1872 plat map, some links etc.

Oneida Community etc.

A staff person, Luke Myer, is writing a book about some historic sites in NY connected with spiritual movements, e.g. the Oneida Community etc. Have made some suggestions re NY Historic Newspapers, NY Heritage etc.

Fannie Barrier pamphlet

Request to supply info, images, for a pamphlet on FB for the unveiling of a new plaque of her this spring.

Fran Moroney Whited

Spent several hours locating, scanning, and sending images etc. of Fran to Brad Schrieber for family use in her upcoming funeral arrangements.