Monday, June 30, 2014

Oral histories

Spending some time getting familiar with Audacity, which is PC answer to Garage Band - to edit, clean up etc. oral histories that were digitized this spring. Am also organizing the files, and starting work on some that are richer in content, first with Ethel Henning '25, where I have her scrapbook...

Pics of library

Bill Andrews is writing another local history book, stopped by looking for interior pics of Drake I etc. Will put some together and email to him.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Class of '64 history

Per their request have written up a one page history of the class and its era for use in the memory book they are doing.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Football player images

From Mike Andriatch: Have a request from a family member getting ready to celebrate the 80th birthday of Carl Benedict ’59.  He was a football player in that era.  Any chance you can have someone look to see if there are any shots of him from those teams?

Will look and see, the trick is that while have many photos from that era, most aren't idenitifed! Will have to look this fellow up in the yearbook, go from there.

Followup: classmate & fellow player came in, spent a morning going through things. I scanned images from photos, Saga & Stylus for him.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Town Sweden Bicentennial

Request for info on farming and property boundaries in Sweden for local history group working on an interpretive panel. Am helping with some materials scanned, e.g. glass plate photos, plat maps, some other materials...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

OSAD / Black Student Liberation Front

They're having a reunion summer 2015, have contacted me re archives etc. Mainly I have Stylus articles, but will look for other materials, and this will be good opportunity to gather some materials from participants in that early history, oral history etc.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Use of book scanner

History grad student is trustee at home town historical society, wants to have a photo they own scanned on book scanner so they can have it blown up. Will schedule with him.

Start of classes etc. 1933

Query re start of classes, freshman class in fall '33 from advancement staff. Got fall '33 Stylus, the 1st issue each fall gave the year's schedule etc. Scanned and emailed it to them.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Class '64

Spent morning with group from '64 who are working on a memory book. Have many photos to scan for them and will be meeting them again next Wed. at Alumni House.

Writers Forum

Spoke to Ralph Black on phone, we had spoken awhile back, about him passing on some older WF materials. We discussed that, and the WF in general, the need for a better guide to it, the films, and the fact that their 50th will come up in 2017, not that far off really. He and I and Anne Panning will try to meet sometime this summer to talk about internships related to this and other ideas.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Origins of SERC

Julie Pruss, president's office, was cotnacted by a faculty member researching the origins of the new SERC building. She thought we might have president's staff minutes ca2001, but I had to tell her:

   Hi Julie, in the archives we have various president & principal’s materials, but the minutes of the staff meeting only run late ’80 through ’96 or so, with a few scattered minutes after that. The thing is that as time went on more and more of this stuff was only distributed via email, then Angel, and that makes it hard to keep up with for whoever is the archivist. One would need to go to the site, download, print out or save the file etc., and with the archives always having been done on a basically part time basis some of this just hasn’t happened.

   That aside, there are a couple Stylus articles I could send Joe, and I will keep looking, but off hand that is what I have.

Follow up: further email with Julie led to setting a meeting for me to see what files they have there of permanent historic value and how could be maintained archivally. Will meet with her next week.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Class of '64

They are still on the go, Mary Merle & Co. will be in Wednesday morning to look at photos, yearbooks etc. for materials for a memory book they want to produce.

Karl Kabbelac

Was cataloger here mid '60s, then UofR, knew him in early '90s in RRLC local history group. Has contacted me about donating old papers relating to Brockport from his time here.

George Queen & Don Leffler

Two deceased faculty, were advisers to Class of '64, who are now requesting info on them. Will put together something for them from bio files, Stylus...