Tuesday, September 27, 2011

David Witcher / Whitcher

A phone call, genealogy, travling, said they had been at Seymour and that they had been told we had microfilm records of the Clarkson Community Church? Interested in fellow named above, early settler, had a son born here ca1821. I'll look, not sure I have ever seen anything like that though...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sarah C. Smith

Interesting query, this woman was a student here ca1870 and then later went to Japan to found Hokusei Gakuen University in Sapporo, Japan. A Jim Allison there is looking for info on her school years etc. Here is a Wikipedia article on the school and its founding.

I found her in the student register, the only entry I see is for 9/23/1872, Sarah C. Smith, from Painted Post (quite far!), # months taught 4, Presbyterian.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"The Fact" newsletter

Dick Barnhart '61 emailed inquiring if any copies of this survived. We do have 3 issues. I am going to have Candace scan them, and have asked if he has any info on date, names of students who did it to please let me know. It's a spoof underground newsletter, ca1960.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Special Olympics footage

Got email from her below - will check, but believe we do not have such footage, not digitized anyway.

Kara Baer and I work for the Dean of Health and Human Performance.  He has a presentation this Thursday on the Special Olympics and was hoping we could find some footage from when it was held here.  We do have some footage from ABC on a tape but we need it converted to a DVD player.  Sadly, when we tried to do so we ran into copyright infringement.  So we are hoping there is similar footage in the library.

Digitizing newspaper

   History grad student, asking about digitizing newspaper for a project. Have replied, asked how much she had etc. Her email is in archives folder in my email.

   She emailed back - wants to digitize some old Brockport Republics she has? Replied, said was microfilmed long ago and is now being digitized, asked if she could do something else perhaps.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Brockport - women - Civil War

Local history/archives question from a student - recommended Brockport Republic, Rochester History etc., plus offered to meet with her.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Guys & Dolls

Extensive back and forth with Judy Wade (Denio) '61 and others over last few weeks, including ermeriti Ralph Sisson, for this fall's homecoming and 50th reunion of '61. This was the class that did the 1961 European tour of Guys & Dolls. Research in archives, solicition of photos, scanning of photos received, creation of a ppt slide show, attendance at the one homecoming event...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Berryman Interview - Writers Forum

This query came in August, wanting a digitized copy of the 1970 interview of Berryman here for a ducumentary. Had to ask Anne Panning if was OK, apparently as long is for educational, non commercial uses it is OK. Then Cushman was going to digitize for me, but he saw the new PC in archives, said he could hook up the Beta player to it, and showed me how to do it. So I digitized the tape, saved, then the woman from the documentary sent me an external hard drive, wasn't set up right, but finally got it going and am sending back to her FedEx. (The contact was:  Kelly Lamphear-Dash ksld@live.com)

Query - Special Olympics Sculpture - Prometheus

From Paul Tankel in Facilities, wanting info on the statue and the artist for a meeting with Lou Spiro, presumably to do with the restoration I have heard about?

Query - car death

Emailed this woman today, Nicole Caldwell, kobiashicoley@gmail.com, re her query about a woman student dying in a car accident in early to mid 70s. Only knew a first name, Linda, no specific date either. I emailed back, said no luck in Stylus index, did she have more info on this person, last name etc.

Has emailed back, said was '73-'75, will send last name if can find it.

Query - Frank Short

Mike Andriatch, looking for photo of Frank Short in his volleyball coaching days. Was one in faculty bio files.

Query - Jim Leidig photo

Fran Whited, for a friend, Sharon Leidig, who wanted a copy of a pic of her brother Jim who was in one of the unidentified photo albums used at Campus School reunion this past summer. Found photo, sent her the file.

Query - wedding ring

Scott Haynes, has wedding ring found in area of pool several years ago, wondering if I could help locate owner. All he had were the initials on the ring, which I couldn't do much with, but did post in the archives blog - no luck so far.

Query - Mary Jane Holmes materials donation

Bill Andrews, wanting to donate materials related to Mary Jane Holmes (many issues of some popular ladies newspapers and magazines with bits on MJH or stories of hers.) Accepted, received, addded to collection.

Query - Herman Lybarger info

Jeanette Banker for children of Herman Lybarger, former Campus School principal, for bio information on their dad. (They are going to plant a tree on campus in his memory.)

Query - Saga '61

Bruce Leslie, needed to borrow a '61 Saga to prep for homecoming.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

State Ed. Dept. glass slides

Play around with the glass slides, the projectors. Learn more about them and how they were used. Here's a state archives page with some basic history. Could be material for blog postings, displays, do a little slideshow for the staff sometime...

Think about whether need to keep all the slides. The ones of artworks seem iffy - but many of the others are unique, in that they depict places and people long gone. Don't be too quick though - we might be able to sell the slides, and I see projectors on ebay for anywhere from $200 - 400.

Here are some sites with more info on these "magic lanterns."

Betty Evershed '46 Scrapbook

Look some more for info on her, from her career after Brockport. Call more of the Eversheds in Rochester where she was from. Scan the book, or have Candace do it. It could be a nice add to the archives web pages, as well as furnishing material for the archives blog.