Thursday, July 30, 2015

C. Stuart Dube

Just passed away, Psych prof 1965-98. Didn't happen to have a file on him, but am now researching one. If I were to name one of my top priorities in archives, it would be to expand and refine my biography files.


Have been very busy working on the slideshow for this, finding, scanning, and adding images, researching the history... Pretty much set now, will meet with Linda Simmons, one of the organizers, tomorrow, and give her the file, the photo prints etc.

Jamie Beers Wilson has decals made up to seal the time capsule boxes, those are on the way.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor

Had a request from a staffer at the Nat'l Park Service, which is doing some sort of historical project re the canal. She needed some high quality images of the Collegiate Institute and Normal School, which I have supplied.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Brockport Foundation history

Had lunch with Jeanette Banker & Fran Whited yesterday, had fun, learned a lot, got some good leads for people to do oral history interviews, and was given a significant donation. It was 2 scrapbooks Peg Hare Browne put together that document earlier years of the Foundation and the Alumni Association, both of which she was very active in. Great addition to the archives.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Alumni donation

Karen Owen, who was active in alumni efforts at Alumni House for some years, has contacted me, has a number of materials she wants to donate. Will see her this week sometimes.

Athletes photos

Athletics is a regular seeker of photos and other records. Here is a request they just got. I have a set of CDs for the team for 2005, and Kevin is going to come over and see if the image she wants is in there.


   I was hoping you could help me with something. I have been selected to be inducted into the Athletics Hall of Fame. I am looking for a picture to put on my plaque. I have a picture of myself playing lacrosse that I scanned from the 2005 Brockport Women's Lacrosse Program. However, the quality of the picture is not great since it is scanned from the program. I was wondering if there was some way I could obtain a digital copy of the original picture. I have attached the scanned picture for your reference. I am not sure if Brockport Sports Information archives pictures, but I thought it was worth asking. I appreciate your help with this.

Thank you,

Angela Inzinna

Update: dug and dug, didn't find it, then Kevin contacted her, seemed it might actually have been 2004, and I looked again, found some great shots of her in a game against Geneseo, including the one she wanted:

Fabulous work! Angela is more than thrilled to have those pictures and she said to send her utmost appreciation! Great job!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Archives web pages

Dave Mihalyov contacted me recently, they are going over the college web pages, and asked for me to update some college history pages that were dated etc. Am working on that, the archives web presence could really use a sustained, in depth overhaul, but that will have to wait...

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Drop in request

Not often, but occasionally, someone drops by. Today was a typical example, someone who went here early '70s, back in area, visiting the campus, wanted to see yearbooks... So I got some out, sat him at the big table, said if he saw anything he'd like a copy of I could scan and send it to him...

Monday, July 6, 2015

Basketball players

Kevin Stiner, athletics, re some photos of basketball players of past years for the Wendy's tournament. He will come over, I will look too, sure wish I had time to better go through and organize all the photos...

Update: Kevin & I spent an afternoon going through yearbooks, folders of photos etc. Good example of how time consuming this stuff can be! We did find photos for all players though.

Class of '53 book updates

Jeanette Banker emailed about this book, her class, apparently in the past they were updating it? I haven't seen anything come in, will check the notebook she referred to.

Update: checked, there is a '53 memorial book, but it doesn't seem to have been updated since 9/2010.

Hannah Harding '33

Her son donated her yearbook last summer, called, is coming in tomorrow evening to view it.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Date of 1991 commencement?

Bill, alumni affairs, what was exact date of '91 commencement? Checked programs, was on 5/19.

Stylus online

Wondered why, after sending the Stylus to NNY library council last summer to get digitized, which it was, it still wasn't showing in NY historic newspapers. Contacted someone at RRLC, turns out they need to batch things together to have a big enough job for the overseas contractors they work with, so it often takes a long time. The Stylus should be in there fairly soon however!

It will be for 1928-2014; the earlier years, 1914-1928, the quarterly magazine years, are online at the NY heritage site. At some point perhaps could be moved over/merged, but for now this will be a huge improvement in access.

Archives web pages

They are reworking a lot of the college web pages, and Dave Mihalyov asked if I could update some archives pages, e.g. the one on Presidents. Will do what I can for now, all the archives web pages could use a major overhaul really.

Ogden - genealogy presentation

Working with Laura Richardson at Ogden library where she runs an active local history and genealogy group. I offered to do a session on the sorts of records colleges have, e.g. the old student ledgers etc. I'll be doing my session 10/27. What sort of records do we have, access to them, what info...

Harold Rakov

Query from his son David, via Mike Andriatch: David had a letter from Van De Wetering ca1985, making reference to documents they submitted to Albany at the time of naming the building after Rakov. He wanted to know if we have those documents. I did not find them, am going to scan and send him some other items I have on his father.

Update: I found a couple of nice 1950s negatives of Rakov, one with him seated with two students, another in his office. Scanned and emailed to his son David.