Monday, February 29, 2016

Peace Corps - Herb Fink

Herb Fink, Psychology emeritus, taught some courses for Peace Corps program at Brockport in late '60s. He has some materials related to the program to give me, and we'll talk about his experience with it. Meeting at his house...

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Consult - Morgan Manning House

Meeting Alicia Fink, new historian at Morgan Manning House, and Kathy Goetz, this afternoon, to examine the large local history collection assembled by Eunice Chesnut over the last 30 years and to discuss how to manage it going into the future.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Garlock Morgan family

Charlie Garlock emailed asking permission to use photo I have of some of his family at the dedication of Morgan Hall, I said of course, supplied good quality image of same.

Deans of School of Professions

Sandy Mullin, secretary for what is now School of Education and Human Development, emailed asking about dates of some earlier deans, photos of them etc. Combed through old staff directories, photos and was able to establish a time line, supply the needed photos. As a point of reference, between searching, scanning, and replying, this one question took up most of a morning... What I told Sandy follows:

Hi Sandy, a little digging shows the first mention of a “School of Social Professions in the 1980-81 staff directory. This school included the departments in the later school of professions, but also included “PACE,” which was the program for adult continuing education. I think it changed over to “School of Professions” about 1990. Sometime previous a couple units moved out, ROTC and the adult continuing education. It continued as the School of Professions until 2010 when, per the 2012 Middle States study, the college reorganized into four academic units, including The School of Education and Human Services.

As best I can tell looking at old staff directories, the order goes like this: John Phillips was Dean 1980-1990. Michael Harter was Dean 1990-1996, Diane Elliott 1996-1999, and Joe Mason 2000-2004. Attached are portrait photos I found for the three you didn’t have. Let me know if you need more help. The unit seems to originally have been the school of “Social Professions,” and changed to simply the school of Professions somewhere in the 1980s.


Have been posting in Facebook for a few months now as "brockport.archivist." Post on the "Remembering Brockport" page, and administer the FB pages for the Brockport Community Museum and the Morgan Manning House. Getting lots of views, comments, and making some interesting connections with adult children of former faculty, fielding questions re college history, info on ancestors who came here etc. Valuable way to connect with the greater community!

Genealogy requests, 2

Had 2 genealogy questions in Facebook this am, referred one to the c1920 alumni listing, the other to the Saga, both in Digital Commons, said to contact me directly if needed more help.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Departmental 50th anniversaries

Mike Andriatch asked about this topic, which has come up before. Up to the mid-60s there were a relative handful of departments, some very broad, e.g. "Science." Then in '66-67 the school as part of its expansion offered more and more electives and majors, and the bigger department groups were broken out into their constituent parts, Dance, Geology etc.

Based on some initial research, including an organization chart from '66 I sent Mike, I suggested that next year, 2017, would historically be appropriate to celebrate, or begin celebrating, 50 years as a comprehensive liberal arts college.

Writers Forum 50th

Been working with Kim Myers. who has a grant to work on the the WF videos. She has hired a student I recommended, Ben Cherry, who did an internship with me this past summer inventorying plaques on campus. Ben is going to do an exhaustive inventory of all WF videos.

A group is meeting in the archives this morning, English, Advancement etc., this is more than the videos, it is planning to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this effort in 2017.

Monday, February 15, 2016

D&C local history

Emily Morry, writes local history articles for D&C, wanting to use a couple images from the college history book Mary Jo Gigliotti worked on. Retrieved, resized, sent to her.

Brockport woods

Grad student in Env Sci looking to do a summer internship for them, studying the wood lot on the south west corner of campus. Sent her scans of a couple plat maps, some suggestions like the old newspapers online, maybe interviewing Hellman etc. Am setting up a time to meet her.

English Club publications

Current president of the English Club contacted me, asking about what past literary magazines for the club the archives had etc. Sent her Sharon Carpenter's finding aid, a couple images, am setting up a time she can come visit, maybe the club too.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Wanda Hendricks

Karen Logsden asked if I could introduce Wanda Hendricks, author of the Fannie Barrier biography, at this spring's luncheon, and I have said I would be honored to do so!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Fannie Barrier luncheon

Karen Logden has asked me to introduce the keynote speaker at this year's Fannie Barrier luncheon, who is going to be Wanda Hendricks, who wrote the bio of Fannie. Have said its my pleasure, which it is!

College logo, Ellsworth

Jonathan Marciszewski emailed asking about Ellsworth, history of the college logo. Sent some info on sports teams name, Ellsworth, I don't have much about logo, referred him to Richard Black, head of Design & Production, for that part.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Delta honors grads?

Had an IM from a student intern in Delta College asking about honors awards, Delta students... Tried to explain that while I have a number of years of honors programs here they don't circulate, and that the programs don't differentiate between Delta and other students. Not sure if they got it all, said will email sometime.


2 Stylus reporters stopped by, doing research for an article on BSG/OSAD relations. They spent a couple hours looking thru bound volumes of the paper, seemed to find what they wanted.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

George Burlingame

He died recently, I had gone to see him with Sue Savard about the old 1930s Costich films, Sims Pond etc., and he was very informative about all that. Sue called and said his son (or nephew?) was wondering if I had any of George's photos, but all I have is a digital shot of Sims Pond I took when visiting him, never actually borrowed any photos.

Grandmother a grad?

Caller, wondering if grandmother, born c1890, had graduated from here. Checked alumni lists that run 1867-1930, for BSNS, did not see her name. Suggested that she might have attended a term or two, but not actually graduated. Checked the transcripts I have too, and did not see her, but those are not complete I don't think.