Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mary Jane Holmes

Sarah Watts, communication director emeriti, is researching MJH and called asking for information. I shared what I have digitized online in the Digital Commons, and she may be coming in at some point as well to see our collection of MJH writings.

Update: she called, and is coming in Wed at 10.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Seymour Library display

Awhile back I asked Carl Gouvia, director there, about doing a display in the new local history room. He already had a lot booked, but said it would be great to have it this summer. Went over today and set up several display cases, will bring more this week. Excellent way to connect with community.

Frank Sacheli '45

Jeanette Banker is working on a project to do with him. Class of 1945, former mayor of Brockport, hall of heritage etc. Am working on a file now, did not have one on him.

Frank Short photos

Kevin in athletics needed shots of Frank Short in his women's volleyball coaching days. After searching Jim D. negatives found some good shots in the Fall '91 binder. Scanned and sent to Kevin.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ali photo

David M. wanted a photo of Mohammed Ali from when he was here at Special Olympics last week to commemorate his passing. Sent him an image of Ali in front of Edwards for S.O. stamp unveiling.

Green & Gold Day

Kerry Gotham, alumni affairs, stopped by asking about a date for a celebration of the school, like maybe first ever date of classes. Discussed history of school with him, showed him first minute book of 1840s etc. He liked the Sept. 1841 dates when they met to establish the Brockport Collegiate Institute.

According to Dedman and the first catalog, 1842, the first day of classes was December 1, 1841.

Stylus & BSG staff

Mike Andriatch, advancement, asking about lists of student officials in these two bodies. What I had to send him were .pdf merged files of the pages in the yearbooks where it listed members. So incomplete, and not broken down neatly as might be. A worthy intern project to take the next steps with.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Now and then

Matt Yeoman, campus photographer, looking into the possibility of doing a "now and then" feature, find old shots of the campus 25 years ago for example, retake today... Have emailed with him, I have all the old negative books, its a question of his getting here, finding things that are still around to retake today etc.

Classmate info

Member of class of 1959 had helped with other questions, asking about the address for a class mate, supplied same to her.

Inspirational quotes

Kevin Stiner from Athletics looking for inspirational quotes from figures like Huntley Parker and Bob Boozer. That's a tough one, lots of pics, bio info, but not much that has direct quotes. I do have a digitized audio file, interview with Boozer, and Kevin is going to come over today and get that (drop box isn't working today!)

Dept Computational Scence end date?

Good question from Kim Myers, connected to records in Digital Commons. A quick search leads into that grey area post print resources. The last print catalog, 2009-11, lists the department. The next catalog, the 2011-13, which is online only, does not list it. Stylus online does not have a story on it. It would have to take a possibly lengthy search through Daily Eagle etc. to determine the date. Believe it merged with Computer Science, it was a small department.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Course description

Don't get these quite as regularly as once did, but got two lately. One I was able to help, scanned music course descriptions from the 1976-78 catalog and emailed to her. The other left a phone message, couldn't quite make out the name, called the number, some charter school in the south, a phone tree, couldn't navigate through to find them...

Digital Commons Conference

Brockport is hosting the DC Great Lakes Users conference 7/29. I am giving a presentation with John Rakower from Buffalo State about how we have each presented archival collections on our DC sites. Am going to speak with him this am about the presentation.