Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Digital Commons

Continuing to add both collections and content to DC; latest is the "Historical Photos of Faculty" collection.

Nursing caps

Interesting detail here on nursing caps, a grad from '79 looking for a pic of them in the caps; a quick look in yearbook didn't reveal anything, but will look more closely - also look at Dusen photos from that year. If I find one there should let Jim know!

Follow up - more searching by student assistant Candace turned up a page of photo negatives from 1981 of a nursing "capping" ceremony. Scanned and sent several to the alum, who was very pleased to get them.

I graduated as Carleen A Bedell with a BSN from SUNY Brockport in 1979 and am looking for photos of our nursing caps from yearbooks from 78 or 79. I have asked the School of Nursing and Kay's Caps to no avail. Would you be willing to send me a photo of our cap? As a Junior I think we wore 1 thin green stripe vertically on the back edge of the cuff. As a Senior I think we added a gold stripe next to it. Then when we were ready to graduate, we switched to a thick green velvet stripe applied horizontally near the top edge of the entire cuff. Any help would be greatly appreciated. At my current hospital (Tucson Medical Center) we wear whites and caps (if we have them) for Nurses' Week ceremonies.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Womens Center

Continuing to work with Karen O'Toole and student Brittney Rowe on the history of the womens center, scanned photo negs from Dusen collection, sent to them, printed some out for them, scanned pdf's of Stylus articles etc. which they came and got today...

Randall - family history

Caller left message, then called again, wanting info on some individuals named Randall who went here in 19th century. Asked her to email me and said would get back as soon as I could - genealogists do get awful persistant, and I do have other things to do. But will check for her when I can...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Women's Center history

Have been contacted by some students helping with the Women's Center 15th anniversary (it was started in '97.) We have some flyers and newsletters of theirs, and also Stylus articles are available and may be some photos in the Jim Dusen collection. Am meeting with them today.

Monday, February 6, 2012

William Page

19th century black businessman of Brockport - student from museum program here researching him - his daughter, Gertrude, was class of '89. Shared Brockport Republic online site etc.

Query re birth records, 1833

Searched for a birth notice in Brockport paper of 1833, did not find a notice for a Lucius Clark.

Gay Alliance Genesee Valley

Had posted in archives blog re Brockport's Gay Freedom League, which led to a contact from the Gay Alliance, sharing info about a local gay paper that has been digitized, and seeking some advice re archiving etc. Evelyn Bailey from the Alliance came out here 2/1/12.