Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Knapp Museum scanning

Sue Savard from the local Knapp Museum brought over a folder of fragile newspaper articles etc. she wanted scanned. Some interesting materials, especially the one on Mary Jane Holmes. One had to do with the Cornes family, prominent here in the 19th century. One member of the family wrote a series of articles reminiscing about Brockport in the antebellum era, which I have only seen quotes from, they may have been run in the Democrat. Sue has a typed set of the original articles, am going to borrow from her, scan, and add to Digital Commons. Great engagement with the community stuff!

Monday, September 18, 2017

President Brown memorabilia

Some memorabilia of President Brown (recently deceased,) is coming to campus, given by the family to Advancement. They have asked if I can house it until decisions are made as to what to do with it. His uniform from military service, Special Olympics medals...

History of History Department

Jamie Spiller called, is bringing over an intern of theirs who is to work on a history of the department, especially the last 50 years since we became a comprehensive liberal arts college. Have pulled some materials to show them, will work with her...

Bob Hellman

Was contacted by the Provost, who had met up with Hellman (Biology-Botany) at an emeriti event recently. Bob was a botanist in Biology 1960s-1980s. He developed the arboretum at the Fancher campus among other activities. He is 87 now, and has some materials he wants to give to the archives, and also has a book he is interested in publishing. The Provost thought it would be something Kim Myers and I could help with. I am going to contact Bob asap.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Class of 1967

They're up for Hartwell Society induction this year. Just started researching for slideshow and talk which will be on 10/20.

Mortimer and Gay Freedom League & Fiction

Spent time with each of three current interns today. Lyndsey is turning up some very interesting material on the 1970s Gay Freedom League, Samantha found a neat point in Mortimer's career I wasn't aware of, namely that she had taught at Elmira College when it started in the 1850s for a year or two, so she was involved in several start ups of higher ed for women. Brittany has been making some good discoveries in Doris Bird's student teaching notes, so good work all around!

Hickerson update

Doug and his wife Diane stopped by, to collect his scrapbooks of Suburban News articles, which I've digitized, they are a treasure of local history, personalities, scenes... They will be uploaded to Digital Commons soon. I gave them a flash drive of the jpgs of all the scans and helped Diane load onto her laptop, showed her how to edit in Photoshop, insert into Powerpoint for a talk Doug is giving... Great community engagement opportunity!