Friday, July 13, 2018

Doctoral candidate

Have been contacted by a doctoral student from D'Youville in Buffalo, who needs to do substantial (200 hours) research in an academic archives to study changes over the last 30 years. Have replied, will set up a time for them to visit and take it from there.

Photos for a college publication

They need one each of Tower, Hartwell and Rose Strasser. The two presidents are easy enough, but I only have a limited number of shots of Strasser, am scanning a couple more.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Class of 1968

Recently began scanning, cleaning up and assembling a stock of images for the upcoming 50th reunion of this class, for their memory book, slide shows...

Brockport streets

For a Brockport Community Museum project of mapping and noting all village streets, past and present, have helped in part by supplying a 1949 map of the campus that shows where Millard and West College Streets were. (They were off Kenyon, where the mall and Lennon-Smith are today.)

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Jeanette De Smet 1939

Had an email from someone today about their grandmother, who has just died at 99. She was a 1939 grad of the school, and they were looking for something about her time here. Scanned some pieces from the yearbook, the Stylus, and sent to them, along with some explanation of what a "Normal" school was etc. Would have been interesting to speak with her, she was in that last year the old sororities were here, she was Arethusa.

Just heard back from the grandson, it is notes like this that make the work rewarding!

This is amazing!  I can’t thank you enough. Sorry for all my grammatical errors I was running through the airport while emailing you. Also, I clearly gave you her married name and not maiden name!  Thank you for putting this together for us, it means a lot. 

Monday, June 25, 2018

Metro Center photos

An intern at Metro Center emailed asking about "historic photos" there that they are not bringing to the new site. Answered that if they are related to the college's time there then I would be interested, but if they are of earlier eras it might be best for them to go to Rundel Local History or the city historian...

More History Dept 50th

Intern contacted me, asking about department annual reports, Middle States docs etc. Double checked what we have, then got back to her, she will come to see them...