Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Photos from recent years

Was asked for a shot of a woman soccer player from 2012. The photos here peter out around 2011-12. I could not find what they wanted, and referred them to Matt Yeoman, current campus photographer, he has whatever exists from c2011 or so to present. Good reminder of a job for Lyndsey when she starts as a student assistant in the fall, to go through the notebooks of photo cd's, check labels, organize, make more notebooks for the many loose in the one box...

Monday, June 11, 2018

Be careful what you ask for...

You may get it! I have been telling people, including at a public meeting on the Allen Building rehab, that I would be happy to take files they no longer want. Well, so far, have received 10+ plus boxes of files, and one 2 drawer cabinet, stuffed full!

Photos for new locker room

Athletics, looking for photos of three players from early 2000s for newly refurbished locker room. Will have to dive into the old Jim D. photos and see what I can find. Luckily he gave me their team #s!

Hamlin CCC/POW

Have been contacted re doing a joint talk with a local expert on the former CCC & POW camps at what is now Hamlin Beach Park. The married vets temporary housing buildings once near Hartwell c1950 were structures from the camp that were moved here. Will be working with this fellow to do a Mornings With Professors in Spring '19.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Intern recommendations

Was able to serve as a recommendation for a student who did an internship with me a couple years ago. One of the enjoyable things about having interns is the chance to get to know students on a more extensive basis than the one time encounters at the reference desk. Sometimes later I am able to be a recommendation and assist them in getting their career underway, a great feeling.

Genealogy requests

Have had a couple genealogy request the last week or so. Summer is the time for it I guess! For both I shared the link to and an explanation of how to use NYS Historic Newspapers. One woman wrote back, said that was helpful, she was asking about further genealogical resources, and I recommended the Rochester Genealogical Society web page and Facebook group.

Google Doodles

Just a fun idea thing, it occurred to me to see if I could get Fannie Barrier Williams in as a Google Doodle, that rotating image of a famous/significant person when Google launches. Found address to submit, and as part of the effort uploaded a better pic of her to wiki commons and added to her Wikipedia entry before submitting her nomination. See what happens!