Thursday, March 15, 2018

Scanning glass slides

A curator at the Bailey Herbarium at Cornell contacted me, saying he'd heard I'd been scanning glass slides! Must have been someone who'd seen my Flickr album of glass lantern slides of bird images. He wanted to know what my procedure had been, so I explained my methods to him...

1970 Barge (Erie) Canal study

1972 alum posted to Ask Drake inquiring about a 1970 undergrad study of the canal done by Biology students. There was a document, and apparently a film, supported with National Science Foundation money. Unfortunately after checking neither has survived the years, not in the archives anyway.

Campus school closing

Query from some campus school alum who run a Facebook group for campus school alum, from across SUNY I believe. Wanted to know about the closing of the school. It was in 1981, the state funding had already dried up, and the school was running on federal grants, largely on the basis of the urban-suburban integration project it was part of, but that funding dried up too. It just had run its course is probably the truth. It had been part of the school for well over a century, there was a "primary department" in the old Collegiate Institute in the 1860s and earlier.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Head shot of Walter Brautigan

For secretary in Ed/Health...Think have a few in Jim D photos, will scan and send...

Henry Gould & Francis Claffey

Advancement asking for bio info on these two science/biology teachers. Both came here in the late 1940s in that early wave of expansion, and taught into the early '70s. What changes they saw! Both have scholarships in their memory. Supplied some material, will dig for more as needed.

1974 Soccer

More needed, Stacey is coming next week to look thru soccer files.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Lantern slides

As a little fun side project have been scanning some glass lantern slides of birds. I had been explaining to interns what those slides were in the big wooden cabinet, and happening to notice the drawers labeled "birds" looked at them later. Realized that many of the photos were taken by notable pioneer birders and ornothologists like Arthur Allen a century ago. Fascinating material, great photos, and the quality of the hand coloring is astonishing. Have set up a collection in Flickr.