Tuesday, February 20, 2018


A couple students from the AAS100 class were in to research black students of yesteryear. One is looking at Robert Bray '37, the other Barb Stevens '53. Showed them yearbooks, how to search Stylus, catalogs, shared some further history of the school.

Bio info on 3 possible honorary degree candidates

Bio info needed on some candidates for honorary degrees, all of whom have some Brockport connections. Will search RG26 files, Stylus etc.

Hiel Brockway info

Local researcher working on a presentation on Hiel Brockway looking for early newspapers. Will help her, I do have print and microfilm of the one paper, 1830-33, but unfortunately most of the early newspapers were lost to fires in the 1850s. I suggested documents like the Cornes manuscript, digitized here last year, which is an extensive account of life in pre Civil War Brockport and includes a lot of anecdotal information about the Brockway family I have never seen elsewhere.

Guerrilla Girls possible donation

A 1970s alum contacted us re a donation related to this group. The background is her involvement as a young woman c1980 with the actor William Hurt, with many connections to the "#me too" movement of today. The materials are not connected to Brockport, but relate to this group that was formed, feminist activists... I have responded to her, and hope to meet her while here in Brockport, but I do feel it might be better in a larger setting where it would get the attention it deserves. It really seems like a collection that is a little out of my league here so to speak.

UPDATE: am meeting her Th @10am.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Had Naomi Riley's AAS100 in this morning. Gave a brief presentation on general history of school, diversity here, then some students went to the main library for other research, but two groups stayed in the archives. One to research the beginnings of the AAS dept., and the other to research the history of blacks at Brockport. I had some different files, catalogs, yearbooks etc out, they seemed to enjoy the experience quite a bit, asked some good questions... Some may be back for further work.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Michael Dei Anang

A colleague referred someone to me who is researching Michael Dei Anang, a native of Ghana who was a faculty member here in the 1970s. He was a chair of AAS, and died in 1978. He had been a gov't official in Ghana, and a poet as well. I will have to look for a photo, I don't see one in his bio file from RG26. At one time some books were donated in his honor to the library and there was a collection, but that was already gone or dispersed when I came in 1990 - I think. Some research to do!

Victor Fadool

Request for info on a Victor Fadool, his son contacted athletics, thinking he'd played football here late '40s. Team records are incomplete, but have learned to search further, people are often unsure of exact dates etc. Even back then too you can't assume he graduated, people did transfer out and so on even then, he isn't listed as a grad. I did find a mention of him in Stylus 1951 as being picked for baseball, and then found a couple photos with him in them for baseball and sophomore class pic. Scanned, sent along to athletics.