Monday, May 22, 2017

Dorothy Riester - Cooper Hall Sculptures

Good news the other day, there is a committee working on a plan to clean up the area in front of Cooper where the bas relief sculptures are. Those were done by Dorothy Riester, a well known sculptor and artist c1965. She was a prominent artist for many years, and her work and name live on at the Stone Hill Quarry Art Park in the Cazenovia area.

Writers Forum

Marsha Rivers in Advancement is working on fundraising to support the digitization of more of the Writers Forum interviews. Sent her a history of the program, a set of letters between Phil Gerber, who was chair of English at the time, and Greg Fitz Gerald, who started the program. Also photo of Stephen Spender visit in '67 which really started off the program, and a photo of Greg.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Hazing paddle!

Got a call from an alum of 1968, wanting to know if I wanted a hazing paddle that was part of Homecoming Parade one year! I said of course, what a great display item and comment provoking artifact of our history, and he generously offered to ship it to me. It always catches the attention of students, and many staff too, when I mention the fact that hazing of freshman by sophmores was a fact of life here for many years c1945-1970.

Alan Kartstetter

Was asked about his dates, they are: English & Speech prof, 1955-62. Apparently was also Class of 1949. Then realized that this was in response to a request from his son, looking to celebrate Karstetter's 90th birthday, and took a look for photos. Unfortunately didn't find anything in the original faculty photos of the '50s, but there were a few yearbook shots that I could scan and send to him, he and his colleagues etc...

Monday, May 1, 2017

1970s Stylus

Grad of 1978 called, left message asking about seeing copies of the Stylus from his time. Called back and left message that it is online, he should email me, will send link.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Color Day - Spring Day - Daisy Chain

Here is the history of these various spring events in a nutshell:

In brief, the original spring thing was Color Day, c1902-1938. (Hartwell closed it down in his era, thought it was getting out of hand!) Color Day was a sort of May Day, and I think some years coincided with Apple Queen events etc. The day was more or less as follows: a baseball game, a pageant (girls dancing around a May Pole, costumed students playing Rip Van Winkle...) a picnic, and a dance in the evening. I actually have 40 minutes or so of digitized home movie footage of Color Day in the '30s.

   I think what followed that up at some point in the '40s was "Spring Day," which was at least in part, if not largely, a student recruitment event.

   The Daisy Chain was a separate thing, I think it ran c1947-1964, something like that. That was where a group of junior women carrying daisy chain garlands preceded the seniors as they paraded to Hartwell Hall for graduation, I think many years they started at the Roxbury, or Baptist Church.

   Then of course there was the famous, or infamous, Spring In of the '70s, the Genny beer trucks on the mall etc.!

Fall 2017 interns

Met with a prospective intern for this coming fall. She wants to do something different, an internship that will use historical sources in the archives as a basis for creative writing, writing a fictional piece for example about a student here in the 1920s. This is an exciting new wrinkle on internships, it will be fun to work with her on this.