Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Althea Ceasor

Request from folks at The Port for a cover article on Althea Largie Ceasor '89 that ran in Kaleidoscope in 1988. Was a little confusing, she is Largie in the article, I was only told Ceasor, and wasn't a cover photo, was an inside article, but did find it, scan, and send to them.

Friday, January 12, 2018

History 50th event

Spent a fair bit of time with an intern from history this past spring who was researching their 50th, and now am told they will have a celebration event this coming September and am being asked for photos for a slide show. Will see what I can find, nice to have ample lead time, as finding photos can be very time consuming!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

BSG history

An email from a staff person who had been looking at the archive pages re BSG and wanted to know the identity of these two men. The answer is...

...they are, left to right, Henry Laster '67 and Lyle Akens '68. The photo is from the '67 Saga yearbook in which they are labeled "BSG Judges," who "...resolve conflicts... constitutionality of legislation... advisory disciplinary body...'

   BSG was just established at that time, it's their 50th anniversary actually, more or less. Before that there was a "Faculty Student Association," which the 1966-68 era divided into two bodies, today's BSG and Faculty/College Senate.

Tony Mascioli '54 Papers

These came up this past fall. Mascioli was a grad who became a pioneer for gay rights after Brockport. He is in the Genesee Valley Gay Alliance's "Shoulders to Stand On" hall of fame. Evelyn Bailey of the Alliance had talked to me this fall, looking for the collections of his papers that she thought had come here. I had no record or memory of getting them, and neither did the staff in Advancement (Mascioli had been a big donor.)

Turns out that the papers were never given to us as had been thought, and are actually with a relative of his in the area. I will be working with Evelyn and the relatives to see who gets what. There certainly are some interesting sounding papers relating to Brockport specifically, e.g. the script of the "Hangover Breakfast" play that was rather a controversial presentation here in the early '50s!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Environmental safety office

A question from an administrator asking if I'd received much from that office in recent years, and after checking responded that I hadn't, that all I have is a small amount of random material, the most recent from 2005. I added that if they have materials they no longer want to keep that I would be happy to take them, I an guessing that this is another moving out of Allen episode where they're looking to lighten their load...

Update: heard back, this is a different problem. Turnover in the office has resulted in a lack of records, and they were hoping I had them. I don't, there never has been a college wide understanding that materials no longer wanted, and not falling under the record retention schedule, should come to the archives. It has always been a very hit and miss affair.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Among other winter projects have been sorting out the Record Group 30 shelves. This record group holds various college histories, student scrapbooks etc. The collections were in a bit of disarray, as it's all been moved a few times in recent years, and some of the group subdivisions were in need of reclassing etc. That's one of the great things about an archives, there's always something that needs a little work!

Allen Building rehab and donations

Had people from the Presidents, Provosts and Advancement offices bring me boxes yesterday, 12 or so altogether. The building is going to be rehabbed over the course of this year a floor or two at a time. The occupants of the floors will have to move everything out, so now is a time when they are starting to declutter, and that leads to me getting some extensive, and often useful, archival donations.