Friday, December 8, 2017

Interview follow up

Student who interviewed me a couple weeks ago for class project had a follow up question to do with deaccessioning etc., have emailed her a response.

Rocco Salomone

Football coach here many years, died 2015. Athletics staff were looking for a few images of him. Was hunting thru Jim Dusen digital shots c2001, 2002, and found a couple good images finally. Had some problems though opening some of the contact sheets, they are .psd files so would think should open ok, but wouldn't. Had to plow thru dozens of images which only have numeric file names. Makes me wonder if some of these photo CD's are bad, or are those such old Photoshop .psd files they won't open in newer Photoshop...?

Tuscarora author

John Maier stopped by, researching Tuscarora author Ted C. Williams. Williams is supposed to have been a student here c1970, but is not a grad. John had a lead where someone recalled Williams playing soccer, but I didn't see him in the 1968-71 rosters. Need to look some more, but that's a tricky era, lots of growth, many people here then transferring etc.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Herbert Bramley

Someone researching their family history, asking about Bramley, who was on the "Board of Visitors" in the Normal school era. Will dig for some info when back in archives from the desk. Bramley Hall, he was on the board, it was the trustees essentially, during the '30s when Hartwell was here I believe.

Update: found more detail, scanned a group photo from his file in RG26, located his obit in the Brockport Republic, shared that, that a hall is named after him etc.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Chemistry 50th

Another 50th anniversary, this one for Chemistry, got a call from Marcus Hoffman today. The reunion they're planning is this coming April 28. Will start looking for photos, articles etc. as I can.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Honors Program

Donna Kowal, current head of the program, and a student from it, visited the archives this morning. They are interested in the history of the program, honors classes at Brockport, celebrating the history of it through a web page, slideshows etc. I shared what I know, what resources I have... To be continued!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

President's office

Got a call from President's office, they had a call from an older gentleman, he'd been a campus school kid here many years ago, some other connections with the college and the community - he is an Elwell, so imagine he may be related to AB Elwell 1899, who was friend's with Buzz Guelf etc. Am going to contact the family, see what he is looking for, listen to his story...