Monday, July 17, 2017

History of International Ed, foreign students...

An emeriti had brought this up as a topic worthy of research in the past and mentioned it again. I said I do have it on my list of possible topics for interns, but just haven't had any takers, and added that I will put in a plug for it again this coming year. It's one of the many things I'd enjoy researching myself but just don't ever have the time!

Marion Patterson & Collegiate Institute

Someone was referred by staff at UofR to me with their question as to whether a man named Marion Patterson attended the old Collegiate Institute c1856-1862. We do have a name list that is online, that was compiled from the surviving catalogs. Unfortunately there are some gaps, e.g. we don't have 1860 & 1861. The name didn't appear in the list, and didn't come up in some various searches in NYS Historic Newspapers. Will let the questioner know, recommend contacting Clarendon Historical Society, since that is where Patterson was said to be from.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Someone asked about this college publication, saying there had been an article by retired staff Nick Mascari in it. The only title of that name I know of is the old UUP Connection, which ran c1990-2000. I only have one issue in the archives, suggested they contact the UUP office.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Civil War - Canada - Confederates

Received an inquiry from PhD candidate researching NY, Canada, Confederates going up there etc. Interesting topic! There isn't anything relevant in the archives, but I did suggest, which has a number of Civil War era papers online, for counties bordering Canada or Lake Ontario.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Quonset Huts

Had a query about the Quonset huts of yore, where they came from etc. Took some time to track this down in more detail, via old Faculty Bulletins, Stylus, Middle States... The key point is that the Quonset huts were not, as the person asked, from Hamlin Beach, the old CCC/POW site. A 1947 Stylus article clearly states that they came from a naval base in RI to be used for classroom space. In that same era however other "temporary" structures were set up, for veterans housing. I haven't found written confirmation, but was told once that they may have been from the Hamlin site, former CCC/POW barracks.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Canal Conference request

President Macpherson asked for some background & thoughts re the Erie Canal, it's history, connection to the college etc. as part of prepping for opening a conference on canals this summer. Shared some info and thoughts...

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Local history - gas lighting history Brockport

Student writing a paper for Moyer in History, development of gas lighting in the village etc. Showed him some of the things online, like Elwell's columns, the 1913 supplement, etc. Sent email to him while he was here with various links, encouraged him to stay in touch.