Friday, May 18, 2018

Fancher - Hickory Ridge CC

The Boozer golf open competition is there this weekend, was asked for some info re the history of the site, dates... Sent a scan of the '65 Alumni News article on the camp, and a Stylus article from '86, from the Fancher folder in filecity2. Those and some added narrative from me were what they needed.

Monday, May 14, 2018

History - 50th - faculty photos

Got a 5 page list of history faculty asking about photos of them from their grad student working on this. I emailed her back and asked if she could revise so it is last name first, A-Z, it will just make it so much easier to search and keep track. Some I'll have scanned already, some there may be negatives or prints I can use, or may have to hunt the yearbooks for a decent one, and some may just not be found...

Brockport clock dedication photo

Have helped with research on this, the clock installed in the Methodist church tower in 1914. It has now been fully restored to original working mechanical condition (yay, they were going to electrify it but didn't!) There will be a rededication of it this June. Doug Hickerson brought me a photo of the original 1914 dedication, which hangs in the village mayor's office, I'd never seen it, and I scanned it. Will send image to him, have posted in Facebook's "Remembering Brockport" etc.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Query re Robert Blake's books

This education prof died this past winter, and I got an email from Advancement, where they'd been contacted by his daughter wondering if we wanted his books. Replied by copying Erin Sharwell in, who handles donations, and sent the daughter a scan of a 1970s portrait shot I found in his bio file.

Charles Crawford & Ray Coley

Was asked if had images of either man. Crawford was athletics director c1976-83, no photo found. Coley was an early '70s EOP staff person, I already had a photo of him I'd scanned from the Stylus.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Summer Arts intern

Spent an hour with intern working on Summer Arts Festival giving her a refresher on scanning negatives and slides, starting with the c1960s 4x5" negatives.

Stylus reunion

Current editor stopped by, they're having a reunion - tomorrow, and she was looking for images, rosters of staff... Directed her to yearbooks, said could take pics with her phone, no way I'd be able to scan for tomorrow.