Friday, October 30, 2015

HST PublicHistory

Met last night with Bruce Leslie's public history class. Went over archival organization, practice, training, careers...

Archival careers

Spent a half hour or so just now with one of our history students discussing his interest in archival careers. Talked about education requirements, career opportunities, archival practice...

Update: he got back to me, is looking into an internship for the spring.

Photo permission

An email from a librarian at Providence College in RI looking for permission to use an old photo of a microfilm machine ca1960 in the library that I'd posted in the archives blog a couple years ago. Said sure, emailed her a higher res version of the image. Funny thing is that there were still a couple of those old units around when I started in 1990!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Fellow calling from Texas, Clark, researching an ancestor named Thomas (Spencer) Clark who was supposed to have been a doctor in the area in the 19th century. Not sure about that, there was a Dr. Horace Clark, but called him back and said I'll look as soon as I can. The caller was someone who is eldery and not using computers, going online, makes it harder to help.

Allan Berry

Contacted me re a project he has in mind, something to do with his role on the village museum board. I am on the BCM board with Allan. Am meeting him today.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Achival careers

Student interested in archive work as a career has contacted me, am setting up a meeting.

Scarborough pics

Dave Tyler wanted pics of Greg Scarborough for throwback Thursdays images. Sent him a couple 1958 shots I had scanned. Strange though, he'd found the pics in Portfolio, but couldn't download, will have to see why.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Brockport Archivist & Facebook

Have been on FB as "Brockport Archivist" for a little while now. There is a "Remembering Brockport" page where I connect with many who are alumni, emeriti, adult children or relatives of college people... I have more "friends" there than I do in my personal FB page!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Course descriptions

Haven't had many of these lately, but one just in, needed course descriptions for 4 course taken in early '80s. Scanned the pages from the catalogs, merged, emailed to him.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Brockport enrollments

Query from Mike Andriatch & Jeff Lashbrook re peak enrollments. Didn't have time to go thru everything, but noted that:

I can tell you that in the 1971-72 catalog it states that “enrollment in Sept. 1970 was 8,200 of whom 6,200 were undergrads… An enrollment of more than 10,400 is expected in Sept. 1971.”

   In the 1981 Middle States the total student enrollment, undergrad and grad, was 7,300. The enrollment may well have spiked at around 12K in the early ‘70s.

Vick genealogy

A classmate of Roxanne J's from college asked her about researching an ancestor she thought went here ca 1910. I didn't find her as a grad, but did find a piece on her wedding, and ID'd two other relatives of same name who did graduate from here.

Stylus online!

Finally, after a year plus, the Stylus is finally online at!!! It is there 1928-2014; that's what I had on microfilm that could easily be digitized. The earliest years were scanned by Mary Jo G. and are online at NY Heritage.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Public History class

Am meeting with Bruce Leslie's public history class again in a couple weeks, prepping for that, including updating list of possible projects - each student has to do a 30 hour project, and some will do it using college archives.

Anthony Conetta

All American wrestler '83, found one photo for athletics from when he played, still looking for one taken when he was inducted in our hall of fame in '98.

MMH 50th

Am speaking at the Morgan Manning House 50th anniversary this Saturday, have been preparing a talk for the occasion.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Brockport Cemetery

A girl who is working on that cemetery walk later this month was referred to me by Laura D. Am going to help her find some local history resources etc.

Vietnam War era

Girl doing paper on the book The Things They Carried stopped by, wanting "artifacts" or something from that era to use with her paper presentation. Offered to scan a few headlines from Stylus etc. and email to her, which seemed to take care of it.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Pat Coates - Burlingame

Emeriti Pat Coates emailed asking about a reference to the Burlingame family made in something I'd published, turned out she was referring to the Daily Eagle post re C. Bruce Lee where he mentions a local couple of that name who befriended him in 1940. Sent her a link to the transcript and audio on DC.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Wilbur Adriance

Contacted by Advancement - his daughter who recently died make a bequest to the college in his memory for a scholarship, and they wanted info on him. Found a little in a file in RG26, more in Stylus etc., and sent to them. Need to add him to the scholarship list - he taught health/pe in campus school 1949-1964.

Athletics photo request

For a girl who played field hockey in 2003-07. Found some and emailed to Kevin.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Digital Commons & Facebook

Working some on Digital Commons and posting on same to the "Remembering Brockport" group on Facebook, via my "Brockport Archivist" account. Generates a lot of notice and hits.

Health Science dept records

Eileen Daniels secretary emailed saying Daniels wanted to know what records I had on this dept. Answer is not much, a few scattered old annual reports etc. Pretty typical, never has been a mechanism where for example every department would submit a copy of the annual report to the archives...

Update: not Health Sci at all, she was trying to get space for an archive of material from a professional org Karen Schule-Williams is part of, both to house it and provide space for Karen to work on it! I can't really do that, not enough room etc., said so to Karen, and luckily she understood.