Monday, October 29, 2012

Dimensions of a Liberal Education

Anne McPherson called about this 1980 Brockport publication. She is chairing the Gen Ed committee and thought it would be an interesting part of their discussions. I have multiple copies, and sent her one in the campus mail. This would be a good candidate for digital commons, would need to contact the various authors for permission.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Would I like a banner?

Lorraine from the Union, would I like a banner for the 2012 homecoming, has SERC on it..., or should they throw it out. Called back, will get from her. Avoid collecting a lot of 3D items, am not really set up for it and don't want to turn this into a museum, but things like this are good for displays etc.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Social Work course descriptions, 1971-72

Request for some social work course descriptions from 1971-1972. Came from dept. secretary, she is going to have person contact me directly.

Follow up note: was a little tricky - the dept only started in '71, catalog said course descriptions not yet ready, had to get them from subsequent catalog, and didn't exactly match what patron had said for courses, but was what we had.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Number of Grads, BCI & BSNS

A question from John Follaco, the PR person. Apparently the Bannner folks told him:

I only have access to what alumni records are in Banner.  As of August 2012, we had 87,665 alumni records - mailable/unmailable/living and deceased.  That only goes back to maybe the 1920s.  There are still about 90 years' worth of graduates before that that I don't have.

I added:

...if we are talking about people who graduated, who finished whatever the course of study was at the time, then I would say 250 for the Collegiate Institute, 2314 for the Normal, giving a total of 2564 grads for the period 1835-1917. I think this is a reasonably accurate ballpark figure.

I got the BSNS number from the 1917 semicentennial. For the BCI I looked at the list of BCI students we did once, names from the catalogs, and saw 900+ names, and made a rough estimate that about 250 of those actually graduated. The records for the BCI are much sketchier.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Women's Center Archives

Monique Rew fromt he Womens Center was here with two students and spent an hour going over basic archival practice, organization etc. Encouraged her to work with Kim Myers to set up a DC site for the center, which I believe she is going to do.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Just to note, spent a good bit of time last week prepping for Saturday's "GAHWNY" (Government Appointed Historians of Western NY) conference, at Cooper Hall. I spoke on college archives and what they might have for local historians. Were about 50 people in attendance, and about 10 came back to the library for a tour.

Author - local history info

Writing a paper for MFA, based on local history, wants to meet, see the collection. Am setting up a time, advised further that BR is online, and are some good local history resources in DC. Also gave link to Brockport Museum site.