Thursday, April 30, 2015

BSLF/OSAD reunion

Am meeting with Linda Mack Simmons '77 tomorrow re the upcoming BSLF/OISAD reunion this summer. Intern Shane Swann has been doing a lot of work on this for me.

Garlock interview

Am working on scheduling an interview with Mrs. Garlock, she is a relative of Principal Thompson's wife and of the Morgan family, eg Dayton/Gifford Morgan.

Mary Jane Holmes letters

Karl Kabelac, who once worked at Drake, bought some letters of MJH in the early '70s and has contacted me about donating them. I said we certainly would like them, and am working with him on this.

Update: Karl got back to me and said that rather than donate to U of R as he was considering, he will give the letters to me. I will go pick them up sometime after graduation.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Gifford Morgan & Ernest Hartwell

Shared a couple of photos of the laying of the cornerstone of Harwell Hall by Gifford Morgan with Charlie Garlock, who is his grandson I believe (?) I am trying to set up a meeting with Charlie's mother, she lived in Alumni House for a time when Thompson was principal there - she is related to Thompson's wife I think. Charlie did note that:

On a side note, my Mom tells me Gifford Morgan and Ernest Hartwell were good friends and neighbors.  Gifford's house (as you probably know) was the grey house down the hill from the Mobil station on the east side of Lake Road.  Ernest Hartwell's house was the big house across the street (west side of Lake Rd), across from where the church is now.  We actually have a copy of the picture of Gifford laying the cornerstone in our collection.  We've had several Brockport College students pass through Mom's house, and we're proud to show that picture off.

ENG112 - Kerfoot

Had two people from this class in the archives the last couple days, including one yesterday evening while I was on the desk.

Lena Boyle (Lea Cowles Masters) 1917

This woman graduated BSNS 1917, and went on to an interesting career in education. Along the way she changed her name, and later in her career started the first school for the children of staff and representatives at the newly formed UN. We were recently contacted by someone from that school, looking for information on Boyle Masters.

There is actually an autobiography of sorts by her, in the archives. In her old age she lived in AZ and came into contact with some Brockport emeriti there. Eventually 9 hours of tape were recorded by her, and edited into the book by Ron Watts. Bruce Leslie and several others were involved in the project too.

I am having the book scanned to place in the Digital Commons, am assembling some material on her to send the inquirer at the UN.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Joe Makarewicz photos

Kim Scott from Design looking for photos of Joe on boat, working with students etc., to use in advancement fund raising flyer. Found a few scans of 1980s slides and sent to her.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Allen Plaza slide show

Bumped into Beau Willis, VP finance, asked if I could do a slideshow on Allen, Drake, old bridge etc for the opening next Friday the 24th of the new plaza. Have been in contact with Frank Mancini to get a laptop/flat screen projector over here, will assemble a slide show asap.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Morgan Manning House fire

Helping local researcher with newspaper and other sources re the fire in the Morgan Manning House in early '60s in which Sara Morgan died. Have to look into what is going on with NY Historic Newspapers, the date range has changed for some unknown reason...

Special Olympics - Ali

Someone who was photographer for Brockport Post at time of S.O. looking for a photo of Mohammed Ali he took that ran in the paper. I think I have all those clippings in the file, will scan and send him.

Stylus writings '90-93

Karen Blood Vargas, '93, looking for scans of her writing in the Stylus. I will have to look and scan myself, the digitized version is still not in NY Historic Newspapers...

Friday, April 10, 2015

Lin (Linda) Case

Athletics, looking for photos of her. Found a portrait photo, a couple others, but no game shots like they wanted. The problem of course is that Jim Dusen's negative notebooks are so minimally labeled, e.g. the Fall 1987 notebook might have a sheet labeled "W Soccer." No names for coach etc..

Annotating and indexing these will be a task for years to come!

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Have been scheduling some individual visits by students from Alicia Kerfoot's class. They were here as a group a week ago, the idea being that they then visit the archives, or some other museum, archives etc., and write about the experience.


4/14: Have had two students in so far, another one or two coming. Interests include old Greek letter societies, BSG history...

4/16: have had 2 more students, another just emailed wanting to visit.

Lin Case photos

Kelly Vergin has left for St Lawrence, his successor Kevin Stiner is asking for photos of Lin Case, hopefully at a game, replied back will search for some.

Mary Jane Holmes

Inquiry about her, our resources, from a Geneseo student referred to me. Emailed back suggesting times I am available, resources accessible online etc.

Dean of the College

Was asked about this position, and who held it when. Bernard Drake was first, 1944-1956, the Gordon Allen 1956...

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fall 2015 interns

Have been in communication with Bruce Leslie about intern projects that could be done this fall. Top on the list more and more is to work on the ECC, Brockport TV records, an inventory, finding guide etc. Norm Frisch is very interested in working on the history of this area.

Scanning slides

Student who scanned some slides for Chris Norment last fall has contacted me to come again to scan some more, am working out a time with her.

Scholars Day 2015 - Costich film

Ian did a nice job presenting, the film clips of '33, '34, and '35 Color Days were a hit, and had a full room of attendees.

Pedestrian bridge

Dave Tyler and John Follaco wanting pics and info on the old pedestrian bridge, some sort of reopening of the new one tomorrow. Sent some scanned slides, dates for bridge (ca1974-97 for old one.)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

"Night Visitor"

Ena Farley's son was in this production as a boy, ca1974-75, he played the role of Amahl, and she called wondering if we had any photographs of the play. Will have to check Stylus, look in the photos...

Photos of '78-79 baseball team

Member of that team contacted me - wants photos - a weak area in photo collection unfortunately - no '79 yearbook, only a small number team photos, not dated. Did find team report for that year, will scan that, dig some more. Called him back to clarify, will email what I find.

Class of '65 reunion

Have been contacted about the '65 reunion, asking me to do a slideshow etc. Will do...