Monday, March 31, 2014

Fannie Barrier Speech & Talk

Gave a brief speech on Fannie B. Friday at the luncheon to launch the scholarship in her name which seemed well received, and gave a presentation on her life at the Ogden Farmer's Library on Saturday which appeared to go well.

Help scanning large map

A student interning at the village museum emailed about a large map of downtown Brockport they have at the museum, seeking assistance scanning it so she can enlarge and enhance the image. I have contacted her, she will be in this week, and we'll work with it on the big book scanner.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fannie Barrier interview

Phone interview with D&C free lancer who is going to be covering Friday's lunch that will launch the Fannie BW scholarship etc.

Fannie Barrier

Two separate requests for images of her and proofing of a brief bio of her.

Gary Owens - student years

Gary (1972) is being featured in a K'scope article, was asked for images from his student years, he was on basketball team as well as other activities. Found a few in Sagas, looked in those recently recovered from Allen, but no luck.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ashida, Judo Club

Member of '82 called, had been in Judo Club, was asking about Sachio Ashida. I told him a few things over the phone, said if he emailed me would scan some things and send to him.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

SUNY History book

Bruce Leslie is working on a coffee table style book on history of SUNY, have helped him some, and his intern stopped by just now with some questions re contacting SUNY archives etc.

Sidewalk plaques

Another project last few days; drafting a proposal for two sidewalk plaques for the Allen plaza renovation. Have talked to Duncan Chase, sent draft to Mary Jo. Nice to think of this happening, and hopefully will serve to promote further such efforts.

Cataloging Civil war books

A question from student interning at village museum re cataloging their Civil war era books. Answered, shared links to for examples of subject headings etc.

Audio cassette intern

Emily Lake has started an internship in which she is digitizing the audio cassettes of oral history interviews done over the years. Some by me back in the early '90s, some by others. Many valuable interviews with alumni and emeriti from Normal school era etc. Have helped her to get the Roxio software installed and running, and is going well, several interviews done already.

Track & Field

Ed Jaskulski, Track & Field director, seeking historical info about the sport's history prior to 2000. Emailed him back, have records running from about 1949 to 2000.

Monday, March 3, 2014

John Nelson, Vistas Spring '54 cover

Great bit of coincidence with an intern this spring working on the history of the literary publications; John Nelson '55 (239-217-0228) called to say he did the drawing used on the cover of the Spring '54 Vistas, and he has the original drawing, framed, sitting in a closet! He is going to be back in the area in May and wanted to see if I was interested in having it for the archives, which of course I was.