Friday, May 29, 2015

Golden Eagles - stuffed specimens

Was contacted by Sue Savard who has been volunteering at Knapp Museum. They apparently have 2 stuffed golden eagles there, done a century ago or so, perhaps by George Guelf. They were examined recently by an expert and need restoration. They also need to stay in the local area, and cannot be sold. Sue wondered if the college would like them, on permanent loan, as display items re our sports teams.

I contacted Mike Andriatch, and he is interested in the possibility. I will let him know the estimated cost when Sue gets it, and we will go from there. Remarkable, how things pop up!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

FODL Summer Event

Am going to find, scan, make slide shows etc. of a number of 1950s-70s photos for this summer's FODL event, which is along the lines of "Do you know who this is..., what that building was...?"

Organizing & Processing

Don't really record this sort of thing, but in addition to responding to requests I do spend many hours processing and organizing materials, resorting etc. Just the last few days for example spent several hours sorting Commencement programs from the last 70+ years, checking what we have, emailing someone to get some recent ones I do not have...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Brockport & Sweden business history

Had a voice mail asking about history of businesses in the area. Unclear what businesses or era, but I responded with an email linking to some of the local history materials in the Digital Commons.

Morgan Manning House

Met Patty Good at MMH this am to talk to Abigail, the student from Museum Studies who was doing an inventory/catalog of their books. She apparently used Past Perfect, which is here on campus and on a laptop at the MMH. She needs direction as to what to do next, what the plan is re the books, to actually catalog and reshelve or... Patty and I are going to work with Alicia Fink to see what the goal is here.

Time Capsule

Phone consult with Katrina Dorsey re the time capsule/s, what they can put in etc. Suggested they could assemble whatever they had, then I would get the appropriate size boxes to seal them up in. We talked about a design for the capsules, and she is going to get back to me on that. She asked too about a plaque or metal sign to put by the memorial tree on campus for BSLF, and I gave her Duncan Chase as a contact who would know about that.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Special Olympics - Channel 10

John Follaco emailed, Channel 10 is sending a news crew to report on the Special Olympics of 1979, as a lead up to this summers event I assume. They will be here next Wednesday, will set up a display for them on big table in archives, be on hand to answer questions...

Class of 1965

Spending more time now working with them, receiving photos, making a slideshow etc. Am attending a meeting they are having this coming Th at Alumni House.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Provosts Office

Cindy Krautwurst from the Provost's office stopped in, looking for the binders from the Academic Priorities and other committee work that were digitized by ILL and then the paper placed in archives. Had them on the to be processed shelf, she found the one she wanted. Sometimes people want/need the original...

Carl Neuschler

Query from Bud Meade, doing his veterans project research; Carl was a vet, and in charge of planning/facilities here during a lot of the expansion in the latter '60s, early '70s. Bud wanted some aerial shots to show Carl, and I let Bud know I interviewed Carl in the early '90s, and that audio is now digitized.

Mandela doctorate & Sankofa

Question from advancement staff writing K'scope article re when did Mandela get his honorary doctorate here. It was November 1987, a SUNY wide award, but the initiative came from Brockport, VP of Student Affairs John McCray. It was the beginning too of Sankofa performing at fall convocations. There are some images of the event in the Dusen photos.

Found, scanned and sent Stylus article, informed re Dusen photos, may be scanning some of them...

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


In addition to Linda Mack Simmons am working with another member of the group, this one is developing a time capsule for the group. We are going to go with an archival quality box or two, sealed with decals from print shop, held in archives for a set time period.

Advancement/Development support

Answered the following question, typical of ways I support folks in this area:

Hi Charlie,
I’m working on a feature on Jeanne Stewart ’60. She was back on campus last month for the first time since graduating. I asked her how different the campus is and she said:
“Oh my God! There’s no comparison. When I went to school, there was just one building. It had a pool in the bottom and a bowling alley and upstairs they did dance.”
Is that accurate in terms of there being just one building in the late ‘50s? What was the name of that building? In reading some of your history, I’m thinking there was more than just one building at that time.
Thank you.
John McMahon
Development Coordinator