Friday, December 19, 2014

Rev Williams & Dedman's note cards

When preparing to reply to query about Rev. Williams who was principal here in early 1860s, I happened to think of Dedman's note cards. They are useful, and as I noted in a list for intern ideas:

·         Dedman notecards: when Dedman wrote his history of the college, Cherishing this heritage, he had a secretary type up a large number of note cards, recording quotes from both the village newspaper and various archival sources, e.g. minute books etc. The cards are in a long box, divided by broad subjects and eras. A useful project would be to scan these cards, merge into one .pdf document, and have on the DC. It would be a very helpful document to be able to search and copy from. 

     They could be scanned a couple at a time, not sure how well will OCR, but worth trying, and in general this would be a useful project that should be given high priority.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Class of 1965

Have talked to Ralph Sisson before, he was their adviser, they are prepping for their 50th. Called him to let him know their yearbook is now online, and offered some suggestions and advice for their planning etc.

Saga on Digital Commons

The remaining 40 years of the Saga yearbook were commercially digitized (Biels) and recently returned, have been working on them to post - need to do color scans of covers for initial page, reduce size and split the scanned books (they were scanned high res, each is 50, 60mb or more.) Was up to 1955 when they came back a few days ago, am now up thru 1965.

Rev. Philo Williams

   Received query about him from Ottawa University in Kansas, where he apparently went, after being principal of the Collegiate Institute 1861-1863. Will look into it and respond.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Western Monroe Historical Society 50th

Patty Good is on their board now, and was asking about information sources for the history of the house, in particular the fire in 1964. I suggested the BR online, and some other sources. They are having their 50th in October 2015, I should connect with them on that.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

James H. Reese

Got a question about him from George Eastman House recently, looking for bio information etc. He was the cinematographer here who made the Bergen Swamp films with Jean Bobear ca1970. They have some of his films at Eastman House. Am searching out some materials on him, his bio file was light, just a couple photos, will be good opportunity to add from Stylus, Brockport Republic etc.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Museology interns

Have been working actively with several interns from Keating's museum studies class, they do a 10 hour project, one coming in today is working on the history of the stained glass windows, including detailing what all of them were - there were 16, of which only 8 survived.

Stylus 100th cont.

Spent quite a few hours the couple days before Thanksgiving break scanning dozens of articles from the bound volumes of the Stylus, writing a history of it, plus locating images of original staff etc. Sent to them in several email batches.

Then Monday two of the staff were back in and spent a few hours with them, scanning yet more articles, and now they should be done finally.