Thursday, April 28, 2016

Assist local historian

Bill Andrews, emeriti, is quite the keen local historian nowadays, and I spent a couple hours this am helping him organize a slide show for his presentation to the regional public historians group that is meeting here Saturday. In exchange he gave me 6 or 7 c1905 postcards of BSNS basketball team he got on ebay!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Stan Van Gundy 1981

Star basketball player, has had quite a sports career after, Mike Andriatch was looking for action pics of him from '77-'81. Had found some of his dad, Stan, who was a coach here, for another request a few months back, now looked for shots of the son. Took a couple hours, but searching through basketball shots in photo neg books did find a few.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

2006-07 Men's Basketball

For Coach Joe Clarke, game shots from that period. Found some in the one CD album. Took awhile, I need to consider reorganizing those photo CDs; make sure the chronology is right, by teams...?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Class ring question

Got a call from someone who found a class ring of their grandmothers in her things. Wondered about her time here. I got their email, sent link to the old alumni list, and they checked it, found out she was in the high school department here, class of 1915, Mae Baxter Rich. He emailed back to ask what that was about, and replied as follows:

She seems to have been in the “high school department” as they sometimes called it. From the late 1860s to the late 1970s, we had a campus school. It was an actual school, with children from the village, for our student teachers to learn, to try out new educational ideas etc. The grade range varied over the years, but for a long time the only high school in the village was part of our training school. The village didn’t have it’s own high school until around 1930.
   So your grandmother’s ring is a high school class ring, from when the high school was housed in the Normal school.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Grisela Fritzsching

Jamie Beers-Wilson emailed about her, looking for some bio, pics... She was an early member of Theatre dept., c1965-1990. Some info in Bud Meade updates, and found a pic in her file.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Slideshow for inauguration

Spent a number of hours searching out images, often needing to scan them, to use in a slide show for the upcoming inauguration. Spent an hour with Faith Prather this am going over the show, she had some helpful suggestions, very much liked it overall, is going to show it to the committee and get back to me with any further ideas.

Spring In, '70s reunion

Delasia Rice in alumni office, working towards a '70s reunion they're having this summer, wanted images of Spring In etc. Sent some of spring in, said have lots more of '70s, might be best if she came over and browsed thru them, see what she likes, many are not digitized yet.

Update: she came over last week, have begun today scanning some of the many slides she selected, I did some, then an student doing museum studies practicum came and showed her how to do it, so she is learning something and getting some work done.

Interesting image, 274 Holley Street, a house on the south side of Holley in back of where Dailey is now, was still standing c1977 and housed career services. I had not realized that any of those houses we acquired as the college expanded were converted into college use, had assumed they had been either demolished or moved. The house was eventually demolished and is no longer there.

Historical pics of radio station

Got this while on the ref desk this evening, replied to say will look through my files. I think on one of the external hard drives I have some scans, plus more that could be done.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hartwell tower history, visit

A student here, an RA, emailed asking about the history of Hartwell, in particular the tower, and the possibility of going up there. Replied as follows:

Hi Penny, attached are pages from the 1940 yearbook, a description of the then new building. (There had been an older building complex; that was torn down and replaced by what later was named Hartwell Hall in the late 1930s.) The tower was a part of the building from the beginning.
   I don't know much to say about it, other than that such a tower or cupola is a stock part of the building's Georgian style architecture. The building is typical of many built in that era. There are a number of similar buildings across the state, on SUNY campuses, local high schools etc.

    I haven't been up in it in years, but can understand how you might like to go up there! I recommend you ask Rick Lair, in Facilities, about the possibility of going up there.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Artists specs, renderings of the Special Olympics fountain statues?

A campus art committee is considering doing a tile mosaic around the fountains, asked if I had artist specs etc. for the statue. My answer:

 I have lots of photos, including some of the construction of the site, but not really of the construction of the statues themselves. I have a couple art books about Tseretelli and so on, but nothing in the way of blueprints or renderings.


   The site was formerly a parking lot, then was regraded and the fountain and statues installed. The statues are copper sheeting over iron frames I believe. Please let the committee know that they are welcome to contact me directly, come over and look at what I have etc.