Friday, January 20, 2017

Rosie Rich

Rosie Rich is helping Kathy Goetz go through things from the Morgan Manning house, essentially they have been dismantling the massive local history collections and files Eunice Chesnut built over the years. I am getting a lot of college related material, other stuff is going to the Emily Knapp Museum etc. The MM House itself is going to concentrate on the history of the house, family, reaper company etc.

It makes sense really. When the whole thing was set up in the '60s, there weren't many local historians or groups around. Eunice in many ways became de facto historian for Brockport and the area. But now that there has been an active college archives for years, groups like the Brockport Community Museum, a revitalized village museum and so on it probably makes good sense for the house to be more of a house museum, and not do all this other.

Update: got first batch from Rosie the other day, some amazing stuff, e.g. a transcript of an oral history interview with Floy DeLancey, who recounts coming here with her husband Blaine in 1934!

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