Friday, January 6, 2017

50th anniversaries

Nicole Dumbleton called from Advancement, asking about 50th anniversaries of departments, something we and others there have discussed in the past. I'd said before I'd do some sort of list or statement on that, and said I would do it now.

It's one of those things where I had a general idea of the story, but not all the details. After a few hours digging I had a better idea, the 1966 academic plan was especially helpful. As it said there the college for many years had been a "one-purpose" school, to train teachers, but when President Brown came in 1965 we got the nod to move from Teachers College to College of Arts and Science, to expand from having essentially two massive departments, one for "GE" and the other for "PE," and to go to something very much like what we have today, a wide range of autonomous departments offering many different subject degrees.

In that same era, 1965-68, many other long standing groups came into being. It's when the old Faculty Student Association was broken up into the Faculty Senate and the Brockport Student Government, when we went from having a small group of "watchmen" to having a professional police force etc. It is really when the college of today first took shape.

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