Friday, December 9, 2016

Processing - Int'l Ed

Ralph Trecartin of Int'l Ed is leaving the college, but this past summer he asked me to come over and look at a room of "stuff" he had in Morgan. It was a couple rooms, packed with many years of international education materials, things of John Perry's from his various posts in addition to int'l ed., and much else. I made some suggestions to Ralph about what to do with it all, and said that if he needed or wanted at some point, send it to me.
He did, lol, the movers came with 10 boxes of material from over there the other day. So as I can am going through them in a rough way for initial processing. Much goes into recycling bins, but some good stuff to keep, documenting the various study abroad programs and so forth.
These sorts of arrivals are not actually that infrequent, and processing is something I periodically spend a lot of time on, but for some reason don't usually post about it in here. Just doing a rough go thru of the materials Ralph sent over has occupied 5 or 6 hours so far....

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