Monday, December 5, 2016


Have been working with Rani Gill & Caitlin Tavernia as they do 30 hour internships for their Public History class. Rani is doing some slide shows of Brockport in the '50s, learning how to scan the old negatives etc. Caitlin is getting a start on her 3 credit internship for next semester, helping me work on a complete inventory and revision of the finding aid, something very much needed.

Finished recently with Lyndsey Richards, who did a 2 credit internship this semester, focusing on student life in the WWII era, the project being grounded in the scrapbook of Betty Evershed '46. Lyndsey did extensive study of the scrapbook and relevant documents, catalogs etc., scanned the scrapbook, did a slide show of it and more. She hopes to do a Scholars Day presentation on this in the spring, something I have encouraged her to do.

Update: Spring semester I think I will have 3 students each doing a 3 credit internship...

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