Thursday, October 13, 2016

Greek organizations

   Student who is interning this fall with Greek life emailed asking about history etc. of Greek life on campus. Replied that it is a complicated topic, there was an active Greek life here c1856-1936, then nothing for many years. Found a Stylus article from October 1977 re Greek organizations being accepted back on campus. (All this is in reference to "social" Greek letter groups, not honor societies and similar groups. Those have a different history.)

   Hartwell essentially banned social Greek groups in the late 1930s. There were a few sporadic attempts to bring them back, but they never got far. At some point SUNY apparently had a ban on such groups, although it isn't clear to me how that worked, since I believe some SUNY campuses had Greek groups, like Arethusa, which had actually started here, going all along. Anyway, there certainly was a revival of Greek life in the '70s. The student is coming to see me in a couple weeks.

Update: meet with student this afternoon, 10/27. Talked with him for about an hour, showed him some Greek life items from the collections...

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