Thursday, October 20, 2016

GIS mapping, BCM, Zollweg

Jim Zollweg, Earth Science, contacted us at the Brockport Community Museum, I imagine after seeing my post about the group in the Daily Eagle. He asks about collaboration to do some historical mapping etc online. By a nice coincidence, I am going to a workshop on something related at NYLA in a couple weeks, this is what I emailed Jim, Allan et al:

This is the link to the project, and below the blurb: I'm not sure what Jim has in mind, but I think there are probably a wide range of options, and like Jim suggests, for a virtual museum this could be a great project.


Mapping A City: A Collaborative Project

Sponsor: PLS / RASS
Saratoga Springs celebrated its centennial as a city in 2015. To commemorate this anniversary, a group of Skidmore College faculty and students, the Saratoga Springs History Museum, the Saratoga Springs Public Library’s Local History Room, the Saratoga Springs City Historian, and the Saratoga County Historian collaborated to present an exhibit at the history museum that told the story of the city through its rich collection of historical maps. The curatorial team for this two year collaborative project will share their experience in successfully working with their community partners. The map exhibit came about because of a recognized need to create a comprehensive inventory of historic maps of Saratoga Springs located in various collections throughout the city and at the Saratoga County offices. After a number of meetings to discuss strategy, the curatorial team came up with a list of maps to be considered for the exhibit.  In the Fall 2014, Professor Jordana Dym offered a class “Mapping the Americas” that worked with the selected materials, researched Saratoga Springs’ history, and prepared the story behind the maps.  In the spring of 2015, some of the class continued with the project helping to make the exhibit come to fruition. The class also created a website for the exhibit using maps digitized as part of the project.  

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