Thursday, May 5, 2016

Special Olympics Fountains

Query from admin and facilities, they're reworking the water spray set up in that fountain. It was originally a copper ring, that started to fail, they added some sprayers, which now need some work, and they are trying to ascertain the original plans. Tough question, I do not have actual plans for that or the Prometheus statue, I assume those went back to the Soviet Union with the sculptor. I might have some images that show some detail, maybe something about it in the Stylus, newsletters etc.

Update: after a lot of digging, found some photos that may help. There were two key events. First, the "Happiness..." statues and fountain were constructed, like Prometheus, the summer of '79, completed just before the Special Olympics. Then later, a senior grounds man here, William Minoia, proposed a landscaping plan that was accepted, funded by the Brockport Foundation, and dedicated in 1982. That was the paving block walk ways, the bushes, benches etc. Prior to that the statues and fountain had simply sat in a bed of grass.

Also discovered that Tsereteli is still alive, so just for fun emailed to two links for him, asking about his vision or intentions re that fountain. No answer yet...

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