Friday, April 24, 2015

Lena Boyle (Lea Cowles Masters) 1917

This woman graduated BSNS 1917, and went on to an interesting career in education. Along the way she changed her name, and later in her career started the first school for the children of staff and representatives at the newly formed UN. We were recently contacted by someone from that school, looking for information on Boyle Masters.

There is actually an autobiography of sorts by her, in the archives. In her old age she lived in AZ and came into contact with some Brockport emeriti there. Eventually 9 hours of tape were recorded by her, and edited into the book by Ron Watts. Bruce Leslie and several others were involved in the project too.

I am having the book scanned to place in the Digital Commons, am assembling some material on her to send the inquirer at the UN.

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