Friday, April 24, 2015

Gifford Morgan & Ernest Hartwell

Shared a couple of photos of the laying of the cornerstone of Harwell Hall by Gifford Morgan with Charlie Garlock, who is his grandson I believe (?) I am trying to set up a meeting with Charlie's mother, she lived in Alumni House for a time when Thompson was principal there - she is related to Thompson's wife I think. Charlie did note that:

On a side note, my Mom tells me Gifford Morgan and Ernest Hartwell were good friends and neighbors.  Gifford's house (as you probably know) was the grey house down the hill from the Mobil station on the east side of Lake Road.  Ernest Hartwell's house was the big house across the street (west side of Lake Rd), across from where the church is now.  We actually have a copy of the picture of Gifford laying the cornerstone in our collection.  We've had several Brockport College students pass through Mom's house, and we're proud to show that picture off.

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