Monday, March 30, 2015

Garth Fagen, Bucket dance photos

One of those requests that turns into a day long thing. Design needed images of Garth and his dance company for a promotional thing. I did manage to find a few shots from '80, '84, and then a few from an event in 2000, but simply could not find any for the October 2006 event cited to me.

I need to have a student for more hours than current one is working to get through all those photos to produce some sort of finding aid and index!

On a side note Richard Black told me in speaking of photo and electronic format issues that they are finding that they cannot open some photo CDs from early 2000s already. Interesting, Shane Swann in his internship was able to use the 125 year old student photos fine, but 100 years from now, will any of the current era photos even be accessible?

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