Monday, March 23, 2015

16mm films

Recently borrowed the one remaining 16mm movie projector still on campus from Frank Mancini and spent a fair bit of time going through some old movies in the archives. Some had viewed before, some even converted to VHS, but some others I had never had the opportunity to screen before.

Having a better idea of what I have is invaluable, and after discussions with Frank am going to try to work with a staff person at VSW to ask them to digitize a few of these films for me while they are using a piece of equipment of ours down there to do others of their own. I am particularly interested in getting some never converted film of Homecoming in the '50s done, but it will be worth the effort to get some other materials redone, as they were first converted to VHS, then that copy digitized etc., and it will be interesting to see if digitizing from the original material doesn't produce a somewhat better quality product.

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