Tuesday, June 13, 2017

NY Archives Conference

Was away part of last week at the NY Archives conference in Utica. One interesting presentation was on "resurrecting" college archives that had been neglected, closed... An intriguing aspect of that was the attention given to the history of the archives themselves, where they had been and so forth. I need to write up something on that for these archives!

Something else that came up was the history of the conference itself. By coincidence I was exchanging emails with Karl Kabelac, a retired area cataloger and local history person (Karl worked at Drake a few years in the '60s, then went to Univ Rochester.) Turned out that Karl had been at the first conference in 1969! I checked with Debra Kimok who is current president and they had not actually had the fact the groups 50th is coming up in 2019, so that is something to help with.

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