Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bergen Swamp films

In 1969-70 Jean Bobear (pictured left in 1956) and Jay Reese of this college produced a set of four films on the unique environmental site known as the Bergen Swamp. The films chronicled the changing seasons of the swamp, it's environment etc. Unfortunately at some point it was decided at the college to keep only the latest versions of many of our films, and so the original 16mm was discarded, and only the VHS kept. The VHS is not the best quality, but it was all we had.

Recently however original film footage was found, and it is apparently in quite good condition. The Bergen Swamp Society people have it, and I have been in contact with them. They are going to have it digitized at Eastman House, and will share the files with us. Very exciting news, it will be wonderful material for the Digital Commons!

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