Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Camp Totem

Very interesting, heard from a Sharon Warner Rossi, who said she had seen my Daily Eagle post from earlier this year about Camp Totem being for sale and inquiring about it. She had been a camper there (local children went there as campers, somewhat like they attended the campus school...) and then her parents apparently purchased the camp after the college sold it in the early 1960s.

I sent her the Nash history of the camp and a few photos, and asked about her family connection, if her parents had run it as a camp or...? I told her the only thing I'd ever heard about the camp after the college let go of it was that c2010 an alum who had been a student counselor there in the old days went up to have a look at it, and found a reclusive fellow living there and the camp in poor condition. It came up for sale last year, but looking just now it is listed as "off-market."

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