Thursday, July 14, 2016

College land transactions

Beau Willis, they are trying to reconstruct the college land sales and transfers of the 1990s, when the property across Redman Rd was sold/given to the town, and some property along the canal changed hands too. Some digging to do here...

Update: several hours of digging, here is my response to Beau and others.

    Hi, I can't find anything in detail, but here is what I find so far, digging through the Stylus, Statements, President's staff minutes etc.


1992: the Stylus noted April 1992 that the "Field House" on the Redman Rd. property was ordered closed by the state as unsafe.


1993: the Stylus noted in April 1993 that there were local softball leagues playing on the college property on Redman Rd.


1993: in October 1993 a Stylus article made reference to the new Brockport mayor, Mary Ann Thorpe, and "controversy" over the land behind Tower Fine Arts.


1994: in November 1994 a Stylus article reported that negotiations were going on between the Sweden Town board and the college regarding the property on the west side of Redman Rd. According to the article if the state declared the land surplus then it could be given to another government agency, town etc., or if not given, then could be sold to private parties.


1994: Presidents Staff, 1/19/1994, the village rejected the college's offer for the land north of Tower.


1995: the Presidents Staff minutes for 5/8/1995 note that Assemblyman Nesbitt was working on an agreement with the village regarding the land along the canal.


2000: a Brockport Post article entitled "Town may revive field house" noted that the Town of Sweden had been given 156 acres (presumably on the west side of Redman Rd.) by the state.


   I don't have Presidents Staff meeting minutes for 1997-1999, and can't find anything more on these transactions. Clearly they went on for a number of years in the 1990s, but seem to have been settled by around 2000.


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