Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring In, '70s reunion

Delasia Rice in alumni office, working towards a '70s reunion they're having this summer, wanted images of Spring In etc. Sent some of spring in, said have lots more of '70s, might be best if she came over and browsed thru them, see what she likes, many are not digitized yet.

Update: she came over last week, have begun today scanning some of the many slides she selected, I did some, then an student doing museum studies practicum came and showed her how to do it, so she is learning something and getting some work done.

Interesting image, 274 Holley Street, a house on the south side of Holley in back of where Dailey is now, was still standing c1977 and housed career services. I had not realized that any of those houses we acquired as the college expanded were converted into college use, had assumed they had been either demolished or moved. The house was eventually demolished and is no longer there.

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