Tuesday, March 29, 2016

1944 Scrapbook

Years ago Peg Hare Browne gave me a scrapbook the Class of 1944 did, her class, which was a sort of memory book they presented to Hartwell who was retiring that year. Wonderful book, photos of most of the students in the class, their handwritten thought to Hartwell, plus some great photos after that of the students, activities etc.

Checked with Mike A & Jamie, they sent me a list of currently surviving members, am meeting next week with the closest, Mary Thayer. Want to show her the book, get some background etc., and will try to meet with some other members too. Am also digitizing the book...

Update: met today, 4/5, with Mary Thayer '44. She lives in Brockport, had a pleasant and informative conversation about the scrapbook, the people in it, Hartwell...

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