Friday, February 19, 2016

Deans of School of Professions

Sandy Mullin, secretary for what is now School of Education and Human Development, emailed asking about dates of some earlier deans, photos of them etc. Combed through old staff directories, photos and was able to establish a time line, supply the needed photos. As a point of reference, between searching, scanning, and replying, this one question took up most of a morning... What I told Sandy follows:

Hi Sandy, a little digging shows the first mention of a “School of Social Professions in the 1980-81 staff directory. This school included the departments in the later school of professions, but also included “PACE,” which was the program for adult continuing education. I think it changed over to “School of Professions” about 1990. Sometime previous a couple units moved out, ROTC and the adult continuing education. It continued as the School of Professions until 2010 when, per the 2012 Middle States study, the college reorganized into four academic units, including The School of Education and Human Services.

As best I can tell looking at old staff directories, the order goes like this: John Phillips was Dean 1980-1990. Michael Harter was Dean 1990-1996, Diane Elliott 1996-1999, and Joe Mason 2000-2004. Attached are portrait photos I found for the three you didn’t have. Let me know if you need more help. The unit seems to originally have been the school of “Social Professions,” and changed to simply the school of Professions somewhere in the 1980s.

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