Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dance photos

Mark S. emailed with the following, I am going to meet with him Th for a treasure hunt in Jim's negatives. The challenge in part as I told Mark is that Jim was an awesome photographer but not very good about detail on his captions and notes!

My name is Mark Scarborough and we talked during the summer about my getting some copies of photos from the Dance Department photos that you have.
I would like to see if you have Photos from The Brockport Resident Dance Company,  "Field of Light". "The Triptych", "Saga"
From the Dance Department any photos from the student spring and fall shows from 1980 to 1988, facility concerts from the same time frame.  I guess I would like to look at everything you have that is from 80 to 88.
I have a few photos from the Dance Dept. archives that I will bring with me.  Would I be able to come look at what you have this Wed or Thurs?  What times are best for you?  Where are you located on campus?

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