Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Betty Bolger (Castelein) '42

Met her at the Hartwell Society luncheon this past Friday. She is quite active and alert, and has vivid recollections of the school back then. She was in the old building her first year, and of course her class were the first to graduate the newly constituted Teachers College in 1942.

I called and am going to visit her next week. One interesting connection is that her husband was a welder on Hartwell Hall's construction, and that "Sidewalk Superintendent" book has a photo of a young welder - her husband? Will bring, and also want to ask her about the letter archive she mentioned, she started a sort of chain letter thing with class mates in the '50s, once a year, everyone write, say what they had been doing that year, it could be a fascinating look at the life of a set of people over time.

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