Friday, December 19, 2014

Rev Williams & Dedman's note cards

When preparing to reply to query about Rev. Williams who was principal here in early 1860s, I happened to think of Dedman's note cards. They are useful, and as I noted in a list for intern ideas:

·         Dedman notecards: when Dedman wrote his history of the college, Cherishing this heritage, he had a secretary type up a large number of note cards, recording quotes from both the village newspaper and various archival sources, e.g. minute books etc. The cards are in a long box, divided by broad subjects and eras. A useful project would be to scan these cards, merge into one .pdf document, and have on the DC. It would be a very helpful document to be able to search and copy from. 

     They could be scanned a couple at a time, not sure how well will OCR, but worth trying, and in general this would be a useful project that should be given high priority.

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