Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Origins of SERC

Julie Pruss, president's office, was cotnacted by a faculty member researching the origins of the new SERC building. She thought we might have president's staff minutes ca2001, but I had to tell her:

   Hi Julie, in the archives we have various president & principal’s materials, but the minutes of the staff meeting only run late ’80 through ’96 or so, with a few scattered minutes after that. The thing is that as time went on more and more of this stuff was only distributed via email, then Angel, and that makes it hard to keep up with for whoever is the archivist. One would need to go to the site, download, print out or save the file etc., and with the archives always having been done on a basically part time basis some of this just hasn’t happened.

   That aside, there are a couple Stylus articles I could send Joe, and I will keep looking, but off hand that is what I have.

Follow up: further email with Julie led to setting a meeting for me to see what files they have there of permanent historic value and how could be maintained archivally. Will meet with her next week.

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