Monday, July 22, 2013

First day of classes in 1835

A couple questions from a staff person re when the school first opened. I emailed them back that:

I can tell you now that I have no idea; the school did open in 1835, as a private academy, but there is virtually no documentation from that time, no catalogs, records etc. All there is really is a mention or two in the local paper, references later by other people, that sort of thing. That initial school had a pretty sporadic existence, and was probably closed more than it was open.
   In late 1841 some Brockport people got together and revived the school under a new name, that of the Brockport Collegiate Institute. From that point forward to the present there is an unbroken record, with extensive documentation, the catalogs, minutes of trustee's meetings and so on.
   What are you working on?  Maybe I can come up with something else.
   They seem to be set for now.

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