Monday, October 15, 2012

Number of Grads, BCI & BSNS

A question from John Follaco, the PR person. Apparently the Bannner folks told him:

I only have access to what alumni records are in Banner.  As of August 2012, we had 87,665 alumni records - mailable/unmailable/living and deceased.  That only goes back to maybe the 1920s.  There are still about 90 years' worth of graduates before that that I don't have.

I added:

...if we are talking about people who graduated, who finished whatever the course of study was at the time, then I would say 250 for the Collegiate Institute, 2314 for the Normal, giving a total of 2564 grads for the period 1835-1917. I think this is a reasonably accurate ballpark figure.

I got the BSNS number from the 1917 semicentennial. For the BCI I looked at the list of BCI students we did once, names from the catalogs, and saw 900+ names, and made a rough estimate that about 250 of those actually graduated. The records for the BCI are much sketchier.

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